Lessons in Developing a Miracle Consciousness

Miracles are living educational tools, and are unlike any teaching tools we were taught to use for physical learning. Miracles are the means to reach the higher frequency defined by Pure Love. Because the Living Language of the Universe is Pure Love, learning to make use of miracles to communicate the Universal Language of Love for us is essential for our survival, as well as the survival of our world. Miracles use the vibrations of our words to help us communicate with a higher degree of integrity. When the words we speak are in alignment with miracles, they are honest and without malice. It is in this space that we experience miracles. Because of the implications of the meaning of the lessons miracles provide, it important to learn how to make consistent use them. In this we will learn the value of our OWN words, and how to use them to change our world.
Welcome to The Miracle Writer, and Lessons in Miracles

Monday, May 28, 2012

Property Value Over the Rainbow

What 3D science cannot intellectual explain, it dismisses. The same is true of our ego. When we intuitively know something that the intellectual ego does not understand, we will use ego belief to override and often dismiss the value in intuition.

Intuition, like miracles, are 4D property. 4D property is found in value that exists over the rainbow. But because 4D property cannot be interpreted by physical evidence, rainbow intuition is consistently overlooked for what can be observed by the 3D intellect. What is intellectual value? It is 3D physical form and all aspects of the material world we live in.

The more physical information that the intellect can obtain to prove its relationship to the Universe, the more the inherent ability found in higher levels of intuitive understanding is dismissed. When the value of rainbow intuition is finally left without a home in material 3D, the goal of total technological artificial intelligence will become a reality. Once this occurs, there will be no more need for people. We must begin to ask ourselves if this is what we really want.

More evidence of 4D rainbow property value is defined in nature. Although aspects of nature can be observed in specific forms, such as animals and plant life, aspects of nature that are unseen have been given to 3D intellectual science to come up with better intellectual solutions than what nature intuitively provides. What 3D science does not understand, it observes, and analyzes, and then offers its best interpretation. But intuition cannot be observed, so this natural ability is being ignored. Thus, much more has been left out of nature than what has been brought in.

If I wanted to invest invest in a grocery store, I would not rely on someone who lived in the neighborhood to find out the value of the store. I would also not rely solely upon the person who owned the store to define its value. This is their value of the property, not mine. In 4D rainbow science, all value comes from me, not someone else. In order to find my value I have to rely on rainbow intuition. Rainbow intuition defines emotional integrity, which is left out entirely by intellectual analysis. Rainbow intuition is found in the aura, which is also assigned 4D property value.

It is a fact, most people rely on an intellectual external reference over the internal rainbow intuitive witness. A rainbow witness does not lie because it is One with the Living Law that defines Universal property. The rainbow witness does not rely on data collected in the past to figure out what is the proper course of action now. The intuitive inner witness relies on the emotional integrity of the individual. It can see past the collected data stored in artificial intelligence to define a whole new outcome. The purpose of a rainbow witness is to intuitively lead the individual towards inner happiness. The intellects purpose is to lead towards material satisfaction, which is a poor substitute for inner happiness.

Everything the 3D world teaches is based on intellectual value. Although intellectual analysis has contributed to 3D value, it is impossible for intellectual value to add value to 4D rainbow property.. Although the intellect can understand when happiness is present, it does not understand what happiness is for. This makes happiness elusive for the intellectual ego. Attempting to assign material value in place of happiness, the intellect makes things up. This is why we live in a make believe world. 90% of what we believe is an illusion, and without happiness, what good is make believe?

The intellect is assigned by the 3D brain, but happiness is explored by consciousness that has the ability to reach into 4D rainbow property. This is where happiness has always been located. We thought it was somewhere else because we learned to trust the ego/intellect to teach us the truth, but it never had access to the truth, but we went along with the deception because we did not understand that there was another way..

What would happen if everything in our world was redefined to obtain Rights to rainbow value? Would we not then intuitively understand in which direction to go to assure our happiness? What about our children? Would they not intuitively understand that war and hate will lead them away from their happiness? What kind of a place would our world be then?

The people in the world are being offered a new kind of choice. Because happiness comes from exploring and defining Self Value, all of the property Rights in the rainbow and in 4D belong to the people. Is not this value worth investing in and exploring?

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mystical Interptetations

When my grand daughter was a little girl, there was a crystal hanging in my living room and it cast a rainbow on the wall. She walked over to the rainbow and marveled at the colors it produced. Of course I knew where the image came from, but to her little mind the rainbow on the wall was magic.

Yesterday on the Discovery Channel, there was a program about a man who was attacked by a great white shark. During this attack, a school of dolphins came and rescued him by placing themselves between the man and the shark, thus saving the mans life. During the program, a woman who studies the action of dolphins explained that this was highly unlikely, as the dolphins were probably just protecting their babies from being attached by the shark. Which do you believe?

The problem of giving everything a scientific or physical interpretation is this; it leaves out the mystical. When we do not leave our mind open for mystical Help, we only receive the help we believe is going to show up. Our mind is so full of what we believe we know we have not left room for new possibilities, which the mystic within would provide if we did not already believe we understood everything.

 The mystic is the one who blesses, and can perform miracles. She is the one who can see beyond the physical benefits of an herb, and blend the magic that runs through the veins of a plant with the magic running through her veins to intensify the healing power of the herb. Of course, this is a natural mystical ability, not commonly respected in the scientific community because it cannot be "proven." Of course, neither can the benefits of moms chicken soup.

The mystic is the one who sees the connection in all life. She is not limited by what she physically sees, and is committed to seeing beyond the false memories learned in the past. She understands there is a rhythm to life, and a natural flow. When she is off course, she is out of alignment with her mystical memories and can become ill, or depressed. This is a sign she is not honoring her Self. Once she returns the honor to the mystic nature, the rhythm of flow is restored.

It is not easy to learn the ways of the mystic. It takes time, patience, and there are many mistakes that are made along the way. Because she is an eternal student of mysticism, she learns the body language that defines unnatural health when she is out of alignment with this nature. She learns not to be fooled by physical interpretations, which offer physical understanding and would silence the internal mystic. She questions everything, and continually asks for guidance, as she knows taking steps without Internal Guidance leads to unnatural consequences.

Once the role pf understanding the mystical has been accepted, it is impossible to ignore. As consciousness expands to accept these ancient memories, dreams, visions, and a desire to give a message and have it be heard begins to fill the mind. The mystic wants someone to hear, but she also recognizes there is a path that must be followed. Until she learns how to follow this path, and stay on it without straying, her message will fall on deaf ears.

It takes time to learn this language, as it is not one spoken or understood in physical world. It is communication that comes directly from the heart, and not from a brain that analyzes everything. It is not a popular path, and one not commonly accepted as having meaning or value in the physical world.

It is impossible to physically interpret the language of the mystic because it is an ancient language that is beyond the boundaries physical time set on the lives of men. This is a language the physical mind ignores because a physical explanation is better a mystical one. This is the language that is filled with the wonder of a child who sees rainbows on the wall, and connects a man to something greater than himself, because he knows his life was saved by dolphins.

We are all on this mystical path, but many have not realized it yet. Redefining the mystical into the physical is almost over. The last physical interpretation is to define why God created the Universe. Is it possible for this to be understood without asking the Eternal why? Should we be satisfied with physical interpretations when we have it within our grasp to give our faith to miracles, which will re-interpret everything we believe we understand into the mystical?

It is time to return to our mystical roots and restore our connection to everything in the Universe. Physical understanding does not have roots in the eternal; miracles do. This is not anything we can do physically, because we believe and place our faith in physical interpretations. Wouldn't it be better and have a happier outcome if we placed our faith in miracles instead?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jesus Taught in 4D

For 2000 years, people have wondered at the teachings of Christ. In fact, His teachings were so profound, people even made up a religion in an attempt to understand and master the miracles He performed. Unfortunately, much of what He taught was misinterpreted. Even the Books of Matthew, Mark, and Luke are conflicted about His Life, His Teachings, and what really happened to Him and what the purpose was when He died and was resurrected. This is because all of the stories were not first hand, they were handed down and reinterpreted.

The problem of attempting to tell a story that you really were not a witness to, is that many details become distorted. This is especially true if what was being taught did not really have any words to describe. When words cannot describe meaning, they lack consistency.

Jesus was a Master Teacher because nothing He taught was inconsistent. He was able to back up His Teachings with acts that did not correspond to what was physically understood. Although He told His disciples what these acts meant, and they did understand them to some degree, they did not have the integrity necessary to measure up to the same consistency of integrity that Jesus understood. It is obvious that Jesus understood something that His followers did not.

The Consciousness of Jesus was not of the same dimension that defines our world. If it was, He would not have been able to perform miracles. Miracle consciousness is unseen. In 3D, everything is defined by form that can be seen, when in fact there is much more evidence to support what is unseen than what can be seen. Exploring what cannot be seen is defined by intuitive value, which is also identified as inner-knowing, a paradigm shift, a miracle, a coincidence, synchronicity, wisdom, a hunch, or anything that the intellectual brain has trouble figuring out how "that happened." In fact, the intellect spends a lot of time figuring out how to redefine these natural occurrences into a form that it can accept. This is so much so that the Bible itself no longer carries the mystic ability it was once endowed with in 3D.

In 3D, we have been taught to assign all value with fear. In 4D, it is inner knowing that has the natural ability to connect with 4D understanding without fear. It is miracles that always replaces the unnatural condition of fear with a natural 4D condition, which shifts us internally away from the 3D lessons that impose fear by interfering with miracles.

Jesus did not incorporate 3D unnatural fear into His teachings, so He was not restricted by 3D science. The fact that the 3D world continues to use unnatural fear as a teaching device, has prevented us from reaching the same conscious integrity that Jesus had when He walked our world.

Our world uses fear to teach value. Jesus taught that all value was internal and was shared with the Heavens. It was a mistake that was made 6000 years ago that shifted internal value, and began the dimensional distinctions. It is our 3D world that used fear to apply integrity to external value, instead of applying it to the Self. Jesus did not use the unnatural value of fear to perform miracles. When His disciples fell into fear, He told them that they lacked faith. He did not tell them if they only believed they would be able to overcome fear, because He knew that all belief relies on fear for its reality. He said it was faith that was lacking, not belief.

In order to define a world without fear, the people in the world are being asked to invest in the value of miracle understanding, which is dimensionally understood as the internal value defined as Self value. An investment in 4D miracle property, is an investment is Self Value. Because this is value we all share it is the property of One, or the Universally Inspired Internal Voice that points the way beyond the intellectual voice of the ego that believes that all value lies in material property.

The value of the lessons in One Wholeness Now are 4D lessons in Self Value, or the invisible property where inner knowing is re-established. The shift from 3D external value to internal 4D value can only be applied consistently by learning to exchange the unnatural fearful condition, for the natural miracle condition. It is this that will save our world for future generations. There is no plan in 3D that is better than this One.

We the people have a new kind of choice to make. We can continue to rely on fear to get external value to define who we are, or we can learn to rely on miracles to introduce the internal value of the Self. Beyond this, there is nowhere else we can go. Because we cannot move beyond our own beliefs in fear, we are being given a new miracle choice. This choice is simple, but not easy because we believe in the ego that harbors the fear and has assigned it to every aspect of material value our world understands.

Time, as the 3D world understands it, is ending. It is time to establish a miracle consciousness to
correct the mistake that has plagued our world for 6000 years and enter into the same 4D Consciousness as the Christ. This was what He taught to His Followers. It is time for the people of the world to learn these lessons.

Out of Space, Out of Time

What happens when you outgrow your house? You move into a new space. What happens when a business outgrows the space it uses? It moves into a new space. What happens when the borders of a nation can no longer provide for its people, or its borders are spilling over with people? Either war begins, or the elimination of people does. Eliminating people just doesn't get it, and neither does war.

Our world is full. Not only is it full of material stuff, it is full of policies and shit that no longer work. Buildings that have been left and houses that have had to be vacated because a mortgage cannot be paid fill the landscape. In effect, our world is shutting down because there is no place left to build, and it is so full of what it believes it already knows, information necessary to run a world is being recycled with policies that no longer work. It is like cancer. Cancer begins as a single cell, but eventually it takes over the whole body, which is the space the individual uses to define their presence in the world. Once body space has been all used up by the disease, time has run out and the body dies. Our world is dying because it has run out of space. There are no new ideas to run the world, and technology is being used only to serve what worked in the past.  On December 21, 2012, we will officially run out of time because all of the space in 3D will have been used up.

It is obvious that our world is not dimensionally equipped to make more time before it runs out. But what we are equipped with is an ability that  has gone unrecognized and has been used solely for brain use. This natural ability lies in consciousness. Consciousness has the ability to go "outside of the box," or brain, to create more space. Because time will extend to make room for a space that has been consciously created, it might be time to learn how to use consciousness to focus in a more creative manner, seeing as there is not much left.

 It makes sense to use the remaining time that our world has left to figure out constructive ways to redefine what we already understand into Universally acceptable space. Because it is the Universe that defines how space is used, and our world has run out of time and space, it might be time to reconsider how our world defines and invests in value.

In our world, time is money. If this is true, then time must also be associated with paper value. But this can't be true, so it is therefore an untrue statement that needs to be re-interpreted.

Time is a dimension, and it is beyond the ability of 3D science to define a dimension. 3D science may intellectually interpret time, but even science knows that time is an illusion. It is therefore not real, but what does that mean. It means it can be changed by consciousness because it is consciousness that defines dimensions. But it is not only 3D consciousness that defines dimensional science. Learning to define a new space in accordance with higher dimensional consciousness will buy our world more time. What this means is that we are under obligation to learn how to re-interpret everything we believe we know to save our world for future generations.

By agreeing to re-interpret everything we believe we understand, and by accepting the terms of higher dimensional consciousness, we will be shown how to invest in more time by consciously creating more space.

The tools necessary to make more space are not physical tools. Although including what we materially understand as part of our reality must be included in the empty space. Because integrating the material world with a non material space is beyond anything we believe we can possibly do, we must learn to identify with a higher interpretive learning device, which will allow our material possessions to stabilize in this empty space. In the past this learning device was belief. The new interpretive device, which will stabilize our material possessions in the empty space is called a miracle.

It is the miracle that will allow our material possessions to stabilize, but it is a Universal Plan made by dimensional science that will show us how. The name of this Plan is called One Wholeness Now.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The Universal Inheritance

1. Free Will-Free Will is your direct connection to the Creator. Using Free Will to set a Universal Goal will allow you access to the miracles necessary to manifest the goal.
2. Faith-Faith is the substance and evidence of hope. A Faith investments brings together all of the miracles and evidence in one space to manifest into a goal.
3. Appreciation-Whole appreciation is required to manifest a goal. Without whole appreciation, aspects of the goal are lacking in faith.
4. Peace-Peace is the condition which allows everything to be brought together in the same space at the same time to manifest the goal. Peace reveals the reality of the goal.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

What Came First

What came first, the emotion or the belief. If belief is assigned to define a goal, then belief is also assigning the emotional integrity necessary to establish an outcome. Belief does not have the emotional integrity necessary to reach a goal that would impact the whole world because it lacks the whole emotional integrity found in Perfect Love. 

Jesus said, if you have the faith held in a mustard seed, you can accomplish anything. The difference between a mustard seed and a belief is that the mustard seed is whole and complete. It lacks nothing that is necessary to meet the integrity necessary to become a whole tree, and it does not doubt what its outcome will be. Can we same the same about what we believe?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The 4D Miracle Stack

When you make a sandwich you bring all of the ingredients together in one place, and then stack all the ingredients between 2 pieces of bread. Having all of the ingredients together in one spot gives a whole purpose for a sandwich, a purpose that would not have meaning if all of the ingredients were separate. Once all of the ingredients are together, you make something that would not be possible, if all of the ingredients were not added.

In a way it could be said that a sandwich is indicative of the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now. Just like building a sandwich, if something is left out, it does not taste right.The Plan of One Wholeness Now calls for recognizing when there is an internal need to figure out what is missing within the psyche. This journey is internal, and also calls for stacking evidence together in one space, in one time, which will redefine the purpose of time and space. This is also referred to the empty space, which is being prepared for a new Heavens and a new Earth.

 Access to 4D space requires learning how to vertically stack information. Once all of the information has been properly accumulated, new understanding emerges. This understanding is called a miracle because it does not conform to the same understanding acquired on a horizontal journey. Stacking information makes more sense than a horizontal journey, because on a horizontal journey you have to pick up pieces of information as you go. Sometimes when we pick something up on the horizontal journey, it is set aside because it does not appear to fit into the information we are looking for, thus a lot of back tracking has to be done. The vertical stack does not allow for this kind of error. When we know something is wrong, the feeling of having left something behind becomes intense. The Universally Inspired Plan of One Wholeness Now is designed to help us figure out what has internally been left behind so we can feel psychologically whole.

The 3D horizontal journey has primarily involved reaching a material goal. But the 3D journey is coming to an end. External material memories that have persuaded us to ignore our internal emotional connection to the Universe have created a very unhealthy world, both physically and psychologically.

On the horizontal journey, being in the external right place at the right time was considered being lucky. Lucky breaks allowed an individual to advance to their goal faster than what would normally be expected. What could not be seen was the Universal influence necessary to build on the Universal Plan of OWN, until the people were advanced enough to understand that it was possible to vertically stack information.

Being given another way of learning is a miracle in itself. Understanding that this way will give the people the power to take control of their OWN life is a true blessing. For 6000 years, the journey has been based on horizontal trial and error. Now that technology is a major factor in the conscious development of our world, it is time to catch up psychologically. We cannot allow technology to be in charge, for technology does not carry the emotional integrity necessary to define a dimension, but the people do. A shift in 3D value to 4D value must occur, lest our world fall into an unnatural void. Miracle provide a dimensional tunnel through time, which will make sure anyone who wants to advance into 4D, will be given the opportunity.

3D science cannot offer this because it is still on the 3D horizontal journey through time. It sees technology as the means to fix our world, but it is falling short. 3D time is ending, and a new purpose for time must begin. What happens when you fall into the void at the end of 3D time is darkness and despair. There is depression, anxiety, fear, and an overwhelming feeling of being lost with no where to go. The Light provided in 4D will not only allow us to learn in a whole new way, it will also provide a space where we can begin again. This is the New Beginning our world has been waiting for since time as we understanding it began. Only miracles give us the means to move across time into a new dimensional space.

All of the misunderstanding on the horizontal journey has to do with the lack of being emotional mature enough to handle problems without getting into a fight. In 3D we believe that it is someone else who must "get it together." The problem with this theory in the vertical stack is that anything in the stack belongs to us. If the sandwich doesn't taste good, it is our distaste of another that is spoiling the sandwich. It is not them. Thus, we learn to accept responsibility for our OWN sandwich without blaming someone else. This does not mean we have to accept the actions of another as being ok. What it does mean is that we have to learn to forgive so our sandwich tastes the way we want it to. What is rotting in is our own mind. Forgiveness restores emotional integrity, and leads the way to emotional maturity.

The 4D miracle stack gives us access to everything we need to understand how to be in the same place at the same time, or living in the Now. The horizontal journey has been an external one. We believe that living in the present is found in the 3D the material world. Universal or Whole Science knows reality begins with emotional maturity. Only emotional maturity will open our internal vision or 3rd eye, to seeing what is possible by learning to vertically stack information. Only this way of seeing will allow the people to understand that it is the internal conflict that is causing external war, and the power to change is within. As within, so without.

The end of days marks the end of the horizontal journey, and the beginning of the vertical one. As above, so below. The horizontal journey is not one that is assigned by Heaven, it is man made. On the other hand, the vertical journey reaches into the Heavens and brings into our awareness another way of processing information. This is truly a step towards the Divine......for God so Loved the world, He gave it to His Son.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Revisiting the Law of One

The purpose of the Law of One is to define everything in the Universe, because within the One Mind is everything that was ever created, or ever will be created. The Law of One provides perfect Order and Justice, when it is interpreted consistently and correctly. The Law of One is a Living Law, and being a Living Law it is dependent on its own value for a whole definition. Being whole, it is perfect in justice and execution.

If the purpose of the Law is determined by the One interpreting it, is it possible to redefine the Law of One by applying another interpretation of lesser value? Is it possible the Law of One is not being accurately interpreted by a world that does not know what the Law of One is for? Even if the Law has been accurately interpreted, who is the one who gives meaning to the Law; the one Who enforces the Law, or the one who reads it and applies their own interpretation to it?

The question of application of a Law cannot be determined by the one who is reading it and interpreting it themselves. If this was possible, there would be no consistency. There must be One purpose for the Law, and this purpose must be wholly understood by the one who reads it, otherwise the Law has too many interpretations. This is the problem with the laws that are executed in our world. Too many people see the laws from a different perspective. Because all purpose and understanding comes from a consistent purpose of a Law, the whole value of the Law of One is lost in the value of personal understanding.

When I began exploring the lessons of One Wholeness Now, the 6 questions that continued to be presented to me over and over again were, who, what, when, where, why, and how. In physical life, each solution Once these questions are answered, the problem is resolved. If each individual is responsible for asking and answering their own question, what purpose is there of the One Who Defines?

Living Law provides for one problem and one solution. When 6 separate questions are asked by an individual, each question relies on a separate answer that is supposed to lead to one solution. We must then ask ourselves, if all of the questions and answers are different, then the One Who provides one question and solution is unnecessary. The one who is asking the question, and then providing the answers is the one is charge, and the Law of One is unnecessary. But what if the question is not a correct one? If the question is not correct, then how can one expect to find the right answer?

The Law of One is not being wholly applied consistently to physical problems. A consistent application to problems is one that allows the one who asks the question access to the Law, which will answer all 6 questions as one, instead of 6 different ones. This is obviously not anything the intellect understands, If it did, it would understand that emotional integrity is the missing component necessary for a  one problem, one solution consistency the Law of One provides.

  It is impossible to interpret a Living Law, as we do not know how. When we do, we set the purpose and the terms of how we believe the Law is supposed to work, but not how it actually is.  We never leave space for proper understanding, so we fill the time necessary for the Law to work correctly with wasted time. Personally, we waste a lot of time attempting to redefine the Universe so it fits into what we believe, but belief does not define reality or the Law.

Belief does not know how to take 6 questions and answer them as One because the ego beliefs see each question as being separate. When who, what, when, where, why, and how have been brought together to form one question, then there can only be one solution. When this happens, the Law will be observed in action. Until then, we will continue to interfere with the purpose of the Law because we do not understand how to express one question out of 6.

The Law of One is a Living Law, and Living Laws like Love, do not require physical interpretation or understanding. They just are. The interpretation of Living Law is so far beyond what we can even begin to understand, to believe we can interpret the Law of One is insanity.

We all have access to Living Laws, but not according the the terms we have set. By learning to access Living Law, the people will usher in a time of peace never before realized in our world. This Plan is simple, but not easy. It requires vigilance, and undoing the false claims that have been made on eternal reality. Flow, like Living Law, is not something we create, it is what we allow.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Disassembling the Universe

There is a joke about a man who finds a disk that comes with instructions. The instructions state that if the disk is used according exactly to the instructions, all disease, war, hate, greed, pollution, unnatural weather patterns, prejudice, starvation, and all other global problems will end. The question now is, if you found the disk, would you follow the instructions, or would you take it apart to see how it works? There is no doubt that if it was given to authorities, it would be given to science and it would be disassembled to see how it works.

What happens when the perfection of the Universe is disassembled? A prime example of this is splitting the atom. Perfection can only remain helpful and harmless if it remains in its whole pristine condition. Splitting the atom fragmented it into destructive pieces of reality, which ultimately redefined our world, and set into motion untold misery. The consequences of splitting the atom are unfathomable, because science does not understand the ramifications of fragmenting the Universe into tiny pieces. All they see is the physical side of what has been done, but there is much more. The problem is, once Pandora is out of the box, she will not go back in.

What is Pandora? She represents all of the unleashed misery that has been collecting in the 3rd dimension for 6000 years. She has filled the 3rd dimension with fragments and split up collections of Universal truth, and our science has no clue. Science continues to look for ways to disassemble what they do not understand. The question must be; can you disassemble reality and expect not to pay the consequences? The Laws that protect reality will ultimately destroy what does not uphold this reality. The end of time is the end of the ability to disassemble reality by separating it into pieces, and then making it into something else.

Science hopes to find the meaning of the Universe by disassembling it, but the meaning of the Universe is held within the fragments that have been scattered throughout time. This is science attempt to understand wholeness by taking it apart because this is how our world learned in the past. What you want to understand, you intellectually analyze by taking it apart. The problem with this theory is that you cannot disassemble the Universe without damaging what cannot be seen. There is no meaning in scattered truth. The only way to make sense of anything is to explore it in a whole condition, not in fragments.

The problem with disassembling a whole condition is that whole meaning also comes from the emotional integrity of the Perfect Love that defines it. The reason science does not understand this is because it does not understand whole Perfect Love. It sees value in the separate pieces. What kind of sense does this make?

The whole Universe is comprised of emotional integrity defined as Perfect Love. When you disassemble the whole, you tear through the Love that completes the integrity of the form. The gaps left from the disassembled parts of the whole allows untold and misunderstood Universal mischief to enter. Universal mischief in its simplest form is a misbehaving child. In its complex evil form, it commits mass murder, defines disease, hates, gropes for unnatural sex, and exploits the innocent.

These unnatural conditions are bad enough in our world. Imagine what would happen if science was allowed to go to another planet and disassemble something there. Science has no idea what it is dealing with, for evil lurks everywhere in the 3rd dimension because of the dimensional gap that has caused our world to becomes separate from the whole.

If there ever were such a disk that could heal our world, and you can bet that science would take it apart, what would not be recognized is the swish that occurs as disk was disassembled. They might wonder; "what was that," but this wondering would not give much of a pause for the interest would be in taking apart and stripping true value in the interest of science. The swish that was ignored in favor of material science was the wholeness of Universal Love leaving what would no longer house its purity. Now, what is left is another gap, which allows more Universal mischief to enter.Science, believing that they have cleared up a mystery, have in unleashed more misery into our world, and the 3rd dimension.

Our science will not be allowed to explore the Universe because it does not respect the glue, or whole Perfect Love, that holds it together. Eventually the gaps in the integrity of the 3rd dimension will be sucked into a Universal black hole, because Natural Law will allow the void to be filled with the same evil that defines the black hole.

It is time to accept the Universal Help that is being offered to our world. Science will not listen because they believe in what they are doing. But belief does not define the Universe, truth does. It is now time for the people to step up to the plate and hear.

Love makes a whole Sound. It is not separated by the external noise of disassembled value that our world has learned to believe is real. This sound is coming from the gap and is nauseous because it is full of murder and hate. It is time to close the abyss that was opened 6000 years ago. It is time to begin to make the journey Home to Love.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Transported Through Time

Our world is going through a major transformation. This transformation period is so radical, if higher dimensional Help was not offered, our entire world would perish. But this is not the purpose of our world. It's purpose remains the same as it has always been; to sustain a Garden setting where the innocent nature would evolve into mature consciousness, to then bring Light to the rest of the Universe.

This destiny was interrupted 6000 years ago when there was a rebellion in the Garden. The rebellion introduced a lie into the innocent memory, which seemed to interrupt the destiny of Universal Innocence. This interruption opened a dimensional crack, where time was rewound to temporarily redefine to introduce the lie as being part of truth. The time rewind changed the perspective of the purpose and destiny of the Earth by introducing the lie as being part of global understanding.

The lie was primitive according to the standards that prevailed before the lie began. Before the lie began, the Garden was peaceful, and all living things lived in harmony. After the backwards time shift, an unnatural condition of the lie began. By today standards this condition could be called post traumatic syndrome. The difference is, this traumatic event was written into the unconscious memories that define our world.

So effective was this unnatural lie, time itself testified to its reality. The historical inconsistencies that seem to identify 2 different global realities, one prehistoric and one very advanced, are still a mystery to those who study archeology. It is very difficult to break free of a lie that has been believed and used to define reality for 6000 years. As the lie became a time reference, the unnatural condition it produced, became part of the core value that gave the foundation of our world meaning. Even though a lie cannot give meaning, belief was used to maintain the undignified presence of the lie.

Although 3D science is on the verge of exploring time travel, it does not consider the possibility that Universal Science has had th ability since the Universe began. This is because of the lie and the time being used by our world to cover over the lie. Although 3D science continues to pursue understanding that has no possibility of ever being understood, the lie continues to be looked to as having meaning, but a lie cannot explain reality. and it will eventually destroy what maintains it.

The people in our world are being asked once again to enter into a time warp to uncover the lie that began 6000 years ago. Altough it appears that we will be going forward, we will really be going backwards to retrieve the memory that carries the lie, and undo it at its core. This will allow us to be transported through time, and give us another opportunity to begin again.

All of the beliefs that we carry, in some way are infested with the lie. The emotional integrity that defines our world has been contaminated, and undoing the lie by moving through a dimensional time warp is the only way that all contaminated beliefs can be stripped of the festering lie that has brought our world to the brink of destruction. So profound and necessary is it for our world to recognize and become part of undoing the lie, a Universal Plan has been put into action. The name of this Universal Plan is called One Wholeness Now.

The purpose of the Plan is to shift the purpose and use of 3D time, where the lie is held and acted on as if it were true, to a higher frequency of time, or 4D, where the unreality of the lie can be recognized for what it is.

The time for placing this Universal Plan into action is fast approaching, and there is much to learn. The Light that has been bombarding our world to prepare it for the Plan of One Wholeness Now is fast approaching, and learning to live life without the lie that has burden our world for 6000 years cannot be avoided by anyone.

The consequences of avoiding the means to unravel the lie at its core will be too costly and painful. Correction will be necessary, for if correction is not sought, the lie of darkness will claim anyone who chooses to continue to use it to define reality. The darkness of the lie is terrifying. I know because I have been transported in time and found myself emotionally and physically bankrupt in its grips. Depressed and broken, I was shown the way out of this unnatural time state and delivered into a new dimension of time that is not dependent on the limitations that the lie insists on.

It is time to learn to use time without the lie. This will be the new purpose for time, and it will change our world in ways that can only be imagined. Be forwarned if you want to continue on in the lie, for this time is fast approaching. On the other hand, if you choose to be part  of the Plan, be willing, for it is your Will that gives you the Right to take advantage of the Plan.