Lessons in Developing a Miracle Consciousness

Miracles are living educational tools, and are unlike any teaching tools we were taught to use for physical learning. Miracles are the means to reach the higher frequency defined by Pure Love. Because the Living Language of the Universe is Pure Love, learning to make use of miracles to communicate the Universal Language of Love for us is essential for our survival, as well as the survival of our world. Miracles use the vibrations of our words to help us communicate with a higher degree of integrity. When the words we speak are in alignment with miracles, they are honest and without malice. It is in this space that we experience miracles. Because of the implications of the meaning of the lessons miracles provide, it important to learn how to make consistent use them. In this we will learn the value of our OWN words, and how to use them to change our world.
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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Unnatural Sound of fear

Written in 2011

If the unnatural condition of fear was removed from collective consciousness, there would be no reason to seek to destroy, and all self destructive motivations would cease to exist. The unhealthy issue of fear is so profound, if this conditions was not being addressed, all of the people in the world would vanish from the face of the Earth. However,God is patient and kind. The Bible states that He Loved the Earth so much, He gave His only Begotten Son. However, A Course in Miracles states this another way. In here we find that God Loved the world so much He gave it to His Son. The Bible states that; "in the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a God."
All words produce a sound, and all sound carries a distinct vibration. When words are contaminated by the unnatural condition in fear, they do not produce the necessary vibration to complete a word with a positive reaction. Instead of hitting the mark of what is wanted, the sound ends before it is completed. This sound is the unnatural flaw in the collective consciousness in our world, which consistently leads to an unnatural outcome and always destructive in nature. It is impossible to begin in error and end up with a positive, healthy reaction.
The unnatural sound of fear was introduced into our world when our world began 6000 years ago. This unnatural sound was then attributed to the Creator, which made Him into a fearful God. None of this is true. Love is not a contradiction, and it is is impossible to assign meaning when meaning has already been assigned. In other words, we did not make God through a false reasoning assigned by fear, God created us in Perfect Love. Therefore, we have it backwards. It is not God that needs correction, it is the unnatural consequences of words that are internally held and assign an unnatural identity with fear. This is referred to as self talk. Self talk is how we internally assign meaning internally to external conditions. When fear is added, or any other emotion that attacks someone else, we will experience the effects of the unnatural condition of fear.
We were created to be Co-creators. This natural ability cannot be taken from us, however it can be used for a purpose it was never intended to be used for.The evolution of our world and the Planet Earth are being made ready to undo this error. When this process is complete, fear will be abolished from collective consciousness. This process is so profound, it defies explanation. It must be experienced. Wethe people must become aware of what is occurring so we can take part in this process by being willing to learn how to accept the Hand of the Word and evolve without fear. We are One with this Word, but have forgotten because of the unnatural condition of fear our world uses as part of its reality. Fear is not real, we are. We are the Word. It is time to remember.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

A Living Story

For every physical story that has ever been told, there is a better version of this story. Stories come from the mind, and the mind is unlimited. Because the mind is unlimited, it is possible for dimensions to be added to the story. The better the story teller, the more credence and life the story is given in the mind of the reader.
Generally speaking, the words in a book do not jump out and include us in the story. Instead, we are the observers. A novel will bring the reader to the conclusion of the writer by bringing all of these factions together. At the end of the story, if the book is well written, the reader can see how the story line developed, and the reader will eventually be brought to the same conclusion as the writer.
This is one of the problems with the Biblical Story in Genesis. The story in Genesis is a Living Story, although it is not necessarily told in terms that we understand. Because we are unaccustomed to reading Living Words, we will attempt to analyze the words in terms that we do understand.
The reader of a Living Story is not responsible for defining the Living Words that bring life to the story. If the reader attempt to add their own personal understanding to Living Words, the reader is only privy to understanding about 10% of the story. Living Words must be allowed to define themselves.
However, because we have not been taught to read Living Words, we allow what we have been taught to give meaning to the words we read. This is analysis, and all analysis comes from what we have learned in the past.
All Living Words are ascribed to the present moment, which means attempts to analyze Living Words are preventing the reader from being able to see that they are actually part of the Living Story. If they were not part of the Living Story, it would be impossible for the Living Words to enter into their mind.
Denying a Living Story is like denying the life of our child. Denying a child does not mean that they do not exist, it means that we are not acknowledging a part our Self.
The Living Story of our world is still being written. If we deny the any part of the Living Story of US, how will we every find meaning in what is occurring today? How can we possibly hope to find an end to a story that has no beginning because we have denied it. A reader of a novel will give more benefit to a fictional book than they will to a Living Story. How is it possible to judge a Living Story that has not yet been wholly told yet?
If we deny the Biblical story in Genesis, does this mean that we have to deny physical evolution? No, as a Living Story will not leave out anything. The Bible carries the Spiritual Value of the History of the world, not physical history. Physical history is not included in the Bible because this is not what the Bible is for.
However, when the individual is filled with doubt because of the seemingly inconsistencies, perhaps they you should ask for a Living Interpretation, instead of assuming they believe they already understand how to read Living Words.
The story in the Garden of Eden defines an error of Universal and dimensional proportion. This was not just a physical error. Being excommunicated to the 3rd dimension meant that the people of our world would no longer be an active participant in the Living Language necessary to understand Living Words. This natural ability was lost for thousands of years. However, because the next chapter in the Living Story of our world is being open for us to examine, the ability to hear the truth of the Living Words in a Living Language that has all but been forgotten by our world, is now open. This does not mean that we are ready to contribute to this Living Language, as it is time to listen, not contribute.
To believe is to make something up that is not wholly understood. The object of a belief is to maintain a fragment of the original integrity of truth, lest the truth be wholly lost. By holding on to a fragment of Living Value, we have the ability to listen to the whole. Without this fragment of Living Value, our world would not exist, and the Living Language would be lost to us forever.
" If only you believe," is a mandate to honor the Living Content within the belief first. This means finding a way to bring all of the Living Content, which was lost in the beginning, back together to form a whole Living l Story. Once this happens, the Living Story becomes a Living Memory. It is this Living Memory that will stretch from the Alpha to the Omega, or from the beginning to the end.
No one has total access to a whole memory of the Living Story of our world, as our individual part in this Living Story has not yet been completed. The next chapter in our part of the Living Story requires us to individually play an active part in undoing the first human error. It was this error, as explained in the beginning with Living Words, that changed the Living Story in the beginning to one that requires correction before the Whole Story can be told.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Emotional Promotion Becomes Material Reality

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What is emotionally promoted will become a material reality.This is because we are emotional beings before we ever learned to identify with the intellect or belief. When an intellectual belief is promoted by defining the unhealthy symptoms of an intellectual action, ie breast cancer awareness, the hazards of smoking, drug addiction, war, etc, the emotions attached to the unhealthy act become first a symptom, which then begins to work on our health. This is called fear, which is an unhealthy emotional response to health. 

Health is a true state of being, and the condition of the Universe is harmless. We do not recognize this because we have become emotionally attached to an intellectual interpretation. What if there is another interpretation? What is wrong with breast health awareness?Wouldn't this be a healthy approach instead of being focused on cancer? Physical science does not understand emotional science because it believes the intellect is greater than emotional integrity. It is emotion that moves the Universe. The intellect studies what it believes in, and then analysis it without giving consideration to emotional integrity. How can an intellectual interpretation be called accurate if what defines the Universe is being left out?

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One Whole Sense

When we are born, we have one sense. This is called inno-sense. As we mature, we grow into 5 separate body senses. We do this by learning dishonesty. Inno-sense does not want to be punished, so it learns to be deceptive. Inno-sense does not want to get in trouble, so it learns to deceive. Inno-sense does not want to be made fun of, so it learns to cover up mistakes it has made so no one can see. Every memory that denies whole sensory perception becomes a fearful expression of being caught in a lie. We were not created to lie or deceive. We were created to be innocent. When was the last time you saw a baby smile deceptively? The answer is NEVER.

When was the last time you painted a smile on your face while thinking that this was not a happy smile. Clearing the deception out of the 5 separate body senses will not only restore inno-sense to us, it will restore it to the world. This is a Plan that will work to correct the global problems that swirl around in time and paralyze us with fear and terror.

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The Universal Communication Gap

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If we are communicating from the body, and the Heavens communicate from the Spirit, do you think that this might be a problem that we need to address?

Communication is how we define our experiences, share them with others, and pass them on. These experiences may or may not be valuable, but if we are communicating these body experiences to children, we may want to consider how this is impacting their ability to consciously connect with their Spirit. What the Spirit rejects, the ego accepts. Once the ego is full of what we have consciously accepted at a body level as being correct, we have wholly eliminated a spiritual solution. Spirit does not say....well, I will accept partial conscious acknowledgment because this is the experience I have been given. Spirit accepts all or nothing. We are in error if we believe different.

Most physical communication centers around our experiences. What we did, who we did what with, why we did it, when we did it, where it happened, and how we define what we experienced. Communicating experience is based on how our experiences affected us emotionally. When we use an experience to define our emotions, these experiences are intellectually processed first. An intellectually defined experience is not a pure emotion. The problem that emerges from an intellectually defined experience is that our e-motions are being used in a limited capacity.
Our e-motions are the driving force that motivates the whole Universe. When emotions are communicated before an experience happens, the whole purpose of the experience changes. We define our experiences, they do not define us.

When we allow an experience to intellectually define our emotional integrity, our e-motional capacity is diminished. When our emotions are flavored with anger because we intellectually feel unjustly treated , we communicate how the experience served our anger. On the other hand, when we learn to communicate our emotional integrity first before an experience happens, we are in alignment with Natural Flow.

The Language of the Universe is Perfect Love. Everything that was ever created, or ever will be created, began in a Love Song. No where in this Love Song is anger, hate, guilt, shame, fear, sadness, disappointment, rage, greed, deception, or any other emotion that can be communicated without Perfect Love.

The problems that face our world amount to a Universal communication gap in how we express our emotional integrity. Our intellectually defined emotions are once removed from being able to communicate with the Language of Perfect Love.

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The Rainbow Bridge Across Time

After the great flood, a rainbow was placed in the sky. For thousands of years this has remained a symbol of hope, but hope for what?

Whenever a catastrophic spiritual event has occurred, there has always been an escape Plan. Those who took advantage of this escape Plan were granted life. The agreement to take advantage of a spiritual escape Plan is a choice, but we are not prepared to make this choice because we have not learned how.

The spiritual escape Plan that we are being offered is across time on the Rainbow Bridge. The trip across time is not a physical journey, but instead one that we must consciously make by learning how to make new choices. These are called miracle choices.

Miracle choices have always been available to us, but not on a consistent basis. The miracle choice must become as to us as choosing which socks we want to wear. Until this happens, we will doubt the advantages that the miracle choice provides.

As we learn to consistently make miracle choices, we will begin to make a conscious journey across the Rainbow Bridge. In effect, we will first become Rainbow Travelers, and then be known in higher realms as People of the Rainbow. The journey across the Rainbow Bridge is the journey Home. This is the Home we lost access to thousands of years ago when the separation occurred. The rainbow is the bridge that we must cross to find the gate that will open to door into the 5th dimension.
Make no mistake, the journey across time is the spiritual escape plan that has been provided for the people of our world. It is imperative that we begin to learn how to make miracle choices with forethought and consistency and become a Rainbow Traveler.

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Opposing Value

We live in a world of duality, or opposing value.

We have learned to believe that we must experience the bad to appreciate the good. This has placed us in a position of having to fix the bad so we can experience the good. This IS the purpose of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is Heaven's Justice in time, yet many believe they can set the standards for forgiveness by setting their own personal value on how it is accomplished.
We have inadvertently opposed the value of Heaven by introducing false negative emotional value into our reality.

Do we really believe that Heaven would allow us to set our own personal brand of justice to fix such a travesty?

Physical justice has terms that we do not set, but must live by. Why do we not believe that Heaven's Justice has terms as well that we must learn to live by?

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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Re-purposing Everything in Time with Miracles

The separation was a spiritual event that impacted the physical world. However, because we consciously adhere to the understanding in the physical body, we tend to believe that all understanding begins with us and then emanates out. In truth, we cannot assign meaning to what we only hold 10% of the understanding for.  We are only allowing 10% of the natural ability we have to access to, when our capacity for understanding is unlimited. If in fact we shared in the joint means being provided for global understanding, everything would change. The only way this can be accomplished is if we jointly cause an effect in time.

Physical time as we understand it is linear. It moves from the past, to the present, and then on into the future. Although linear time is an illusion, it is commonly assigned a dimensional purpose. This dimensional purpose is the one that is being assigned by the occupants of this world

The only reason time has followed the chaotic paths of understanding that we have assigned to it is because of this Universal fact that has escaped our notice; we the people assign the direction of time based on our collective understanding.

The 10% of collective understanding that has been granted to our world is split up and fragmented into 8 billion people, who continue to attempt to direct time according to a personal limited body understanding
. This is not whole Universal understanding, but just a minute part that is attempting to direct the whole Universe based on this fragment of personal understanding.

"You who can hardly control yourself should hardly conspire to control the whole Universe." ACIM

After the separation of the 10% of Universal understanding that had been granted to the time that we the people shared collectively, the people began to lose sight of the ability to assign meaning to and direct time because they became wrapped up in their body awareness. As stated before, this awareness only carries 10% of Universal understanding. By dividing and fragmenting this understanding among bodies, we only have a sliver of the necessary understanding necessary to undo the unnatural chaos that is occurring in the world today.

Directing time must become a collective effort of the people. Time is a spiritually assigned communication dimension where harmony must take precedent over personal body goals and 3D assignments. A Living Foundation must replace the one that was replaced at the time of the separation. This is something that we cannot even remotely begin to consciously fathom, never mind figure out how to make this happen.

The collective references in 4D time today consists of 3D war, hate, crime, disease, lack, starvation, theft, fear, anger, guilt, blame, and the list goes on. There are 8 billion people in the world today, and each and every person has their own interpretation, agenda, and understanding why our world is in the mess that it is in. Nothing is working, nor will it ever work, because no one carries the same intention in time. 

Focus must shift to time instead of the 3D problems that people are attempting to fix. You cannot fix these problems until time is fixed, as this is where our collective memories are stored. Right now, none of these memories carry the same understanding.  Thus, a common goal must enter into the mind of the people. A common goal with a global interpretation would change everything. This common goal must come from the heart, not the intellect because it is the heart is connected to time. The intellect interferes with this connection by showing us things that we believe we understand, but are actually part of the illusion in linear time.

The Great Awakening must first occur in time, and then happen as an individual experience. This must dawn in the mind of the individual who has assigned a 3D body to express through. It will only take one whole interpretation that the collective accepts to shift linear time into whole new collective understanding. Once this happens, a Whole Living Foundation for a New World will begin. Until this occurs, there is a lot of undoing, and a whole lot of repurposing that must happen in our world.

Miracles work in time, not the body. Any shift in personal body awareness that entertains a miracle in time contributes to the reconciling of body differences, and thus adds to the connection of the whole. The miracle repurposing of everything in linear time allows us to keep and bring the value of what we already understand into New World Time.

If we learn how to assign a common purpose is linear time, this purpose can be carried into New World Time. The only way this can be accomplished is through miracle assignments. This will jump the quotient of our collective spiritual and Universal understanding from 10% to 100%, as the whole Universe will join with us in this.

Do we really think that we can do this without Help? This is what the Plan of One Wholeness Now is for.

There are 8 billion people who live in our world with separate agenda's and goals that conflict with one another in time. One goal that has been agreed on and assigned collectively by the people of the world will meet criterion of critical mass. Once this has been reached, everything we have ever believed about time will change. Our eyes will be open, and we will be able to see what has been overlooked for thousands of years. We have a ways to go.

The Miracle Writer
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Friday, March 11, 2016

The Color Yellow

On my journey I began to recognize the impact that the color yellow has on the mind/body experience. Fear is yellow, but from a higher perspective yellow is the color of peace, as are many other colors in the aura.
Yellow is also the natural color in the solar plexus area. The solar plexus area is just above the belly button. This is the place where we process our emotions. A lot of people cross their arms across this area when they internally perceive a psychic overload. It is a protective measure to prevent anymore negative emotions from entering here.
Some people refer to this area as where they feel butterflies when they are having feelings of utopia based on meeting someone that really makes them feel good. Under the best conditions, we will recognize an eternal memory in their physical form. Many people will recognize this as a feeling of knowing someone forever. This may even be noted. This is a feeling of joy, and often leads to a some kind of relationship. When the relationship is healthy, or the karma associated with the relationship is healed, this is truly a remarkable relationship. It is recognized both on Earth and in Heaven. There really are not a lot of these kinds of relationships in our world because we are early in our conscious evolutionary relationship development, however they do happen.
The solar plexus is also where many people have feelings of impending doom. When someone enters a personal space, if the energy is unsettling, the energy in the solar plexus can be adversely affected. In our world, we do not teach our children to honor these feelings, so they go ignored. Actually, a child is connected to their eternal memories, and would receive messages to walk away when in danger, but this is not an intellectually logical way to address this kind of problem, so this natural internal warning system is basically wasted.
Because we are spiritual beings, the way we process information must change. The spirit is in charge of our emotional integrity. When we place the intellect in charge of our emotional welfare, our natural eternal ability is stifled, or only 10% of the eternal ability we naturally have access to. Why would we settle for 10% of eternal potential when we have the ability to access an unlimited amount of eternal emotional energy?

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Learning how to do dimensional healing did not take as long as understanding why. Being a hypno therapist and an massage therapist was helpful in understanding how the mind communicates with the body. This is called mind/body communication.
The mind is abstract, but consciousness is specific. The mind is where memories are held. The mind/body is where physical memories are held for future reference. These memories are defined by self aware experiences. Self aware thoughts begin in the experiential dimension and are stored in the body as a reference to the past.
When we have a physical problem, consciousness looks for a specific solution by looking at past memories stored in the mind/body, or mind/body awareness. These solutions amount to how we handled a situation the first time it occurred. Because many of our solutions did not involve logic (most of our learning experiences occur before we are 5) logic was never applied to the learning experience. As we grow older, the intensity of the experience sets off a body sensation, which eventually manifests into form. This form is always a physical problem, but it may not always appear to be so. No information that is being illogical applied to the body is helpful or healthy for the body.
The first time it began to dawn on me how this worked was when a woman came in get a massage. She was complaining about a problem in her back. I asked her how long she had the problem, to which she replied about 4 months. Then she said something that really was interesting to me. She said her back had not hurt like this for 20 years. I wondered to myself why would a pain show up after 20 years of being silent, so I asked her what happened 4 months ago, to which she replied my mother died.
I never saw the woman again, but this experience made an impression on my mind. I had taken my first step into understanding how the mind communicates with the body, and also the first step into understanding dimensional healing. It was the first step on a journey into understanding the Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now; the Universal Plan to heal and evolve the world with miracles.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Fear and the Reptilian Brain

March 7, 2014 at 7:19am · 
Before the separation, there was no such thing as the fear. This is because there was no such thing as the reptilian brain. The reptilian brain began to be written into the DNA code and the unconscious mind once the lie was accepted as part of reality. Because the reptilian brain introduced fear into the unconscious mind, fear began to be accepted as part of this worlds reality, when in fact it has nothing to do with our reality. 
As much as we would like to believe that we have eliminated fear from our life, it is impossible to eliminate the reptilian brain. If we cannot eliminate the reptilian brain, then it is impossible to eliminate fear. However, with God, all things are possible.
Eliminating fear from the unconscious mind cannot be done without a Universal Plan. This is because we believe that without fear, there will be an empty space in our brain that will cause us to be deficient in our capacity to process information, along with keeping the part of our body intact that relies on this aspect of the brain to keep our body running. 
If you take everything out of a room that you do not want, and then clean up the room and refill it with what you do want, has the space been left deficient, or has the space just been filled with a whole new purpose? 
Everything that we perceive in this world and in our life has been flavored with the influence of the reptilian brain. This flavor is called fear, In the world it is called guilt. In time it is called a tragedy. 
We do not perceive our influence in the world or in time. What we do have influence over is the fear that we personally carry in the body. In this, we carry response-ability for undoing the fear that we use to flavor our thoughts. We are response-able for taking the first step to undo the body fear, which is occupying the space in our brain and assigning madness to our world. It begins with us.
Taking the first step to undo body fear is a requirement if the Plan to create a New World to enter the New Earth is to work. No one, not even God Himself, can take away what is inadvertently protected by the individual. 
We have been consciously trained to protect our fear by setting up unhealthy psychological patterns of defense that surround fear, and our free will is being directed to protect an unholy purpose. But there is another way.
We can be consciously retrained to reassign the value in our free will to join with a miracle instead of fear. This will not leave us deficient, but will in fact offer us a whole new perspective and offer us a taste of the unlimited potential we have access to. Imagine filling an empty space in your brain with miracles instead of fear. What would that mean for you? What would it mean for the whole world?
The process of eliminating the fear from the reptilian brain by replacing this fear with a miracle is beyond our ability to understand or rationalize. The Plan to accomplish this task has taken 6000 years to bring everything together in One Wholeness Now to perfect. But nothing will happen if we do not agree to be part of this Plan. The invitation to individually, and then globally, join in this Universal Plan will be extended over and over again until it is accepted. This invitation is a blessing to us individually, but also is the only Plan for the salvation of the world. Only God's Plan for the salvation of the world will work.