Lessons in Developing a Miracle Consciousness

Miracles are living educational tools, and are unlike any teaching tools we were taught to use for physical learning. Miracles are the means to reach the higher frequency defined by Pure Love. Because the Living Language of the Universe is Pure Love, learning to make use of miracles to communicate the Universal Language of Love for us is essential for our survival, as well as the survival of our world. Miracles use the vibrations of our words to help us communicate with a higher degree of integrity. When the words we speak are in alignment with miracles, they are honest and without malice. It is in this space that we experience miracles. Because of the implications of the meaning of the lessons miracles provide, it important to learn how to make consistent use them. In this we will learn the value of our OWN words, and how to use them to change our world.
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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bridging the Gap in Time

Everything we believe about reality is defined through a physical memory or a belief. Our beliefs about the reality of our world are defined in material form. The way we gain access to physical form to make a trip or purchase a material product is through money. There is no way to get around this fact, as there is an unqualified belief that it is fact that money makes the world go round. Hence, we have learned to use and assign money to fill the material gap that exists between who we are in a 3D body, and what we want to have in our 3D physical experience. It is obvious, bridging a physical gap requires a material source, and money offers us the means to bridge this gap.
It is obvious that our world is going through a major shift in how we approach our reality. This shift is so profound, when it is complete, nothing will have the same interpretation or meaning as it does in this world as we understand as being our reality today. For this reason, we must learn to use a new means to fill in the gap that is being made by a split in time.
Time is being split in two. It must split in two because of how time is being related to by the people who live in this world. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to make money flow in the old world. It is now possible to make money flow much faster inside of a technologically assigned reality. For this reason, the monetary flow that was assigned to the old world has shifted to fill a gap in technology. In other words, people have adapted to technology to keep the monetary flow moving faster and easier by using a new kind of time that was not available even 50 years ago. People are becoming wealthy in a very short period of time by taking advantage of a virtual monetary flow.
Herein lies the problem. In the world that is being left behind, monetary flow was supported by a Living Currency that moved through nature. In technology, there is no such thing as nature. There are pictures of nature, but it is virtually impossible to use all of the bodies senses to explore a picture. You see, in order to explore nature with the body, you have to return to nature. This is what individuals are doing. They make their money inside of technology, but return to the natural world to spend it. What this means is that the Living Flow that supported a monetary currency in this world is slowly drying up. Soon, the Living Flow that once supported a monetary flow will be non-existent. Without a purpose, the Living Currency that once supported the monetary flow in natural time will cease to exist.
The reason that this is not understood is that people do not understand how the life in dimensions is supported.
For thousands of years, some kind of material flow has been used to support the species in the natural world. However, with the advent of technology, Living Flow is no longer necessary to support the natural world. Hence, the natural world and everything that exists within it is in danger of collapsing. The unnatural weather patterns that the natural world is experiencing is a testament to the fact that it is going extinct. 
The journey into an artificially defined unnatural world to keep a monetary flow moving without the help of a Living Flow is clearly insane. Where are we going to do with the body when the natural world ceases to exist? Are we going to consciously move into and be governed by artificial intelligence? It is impossible to split a dimension in two without Universal consequences.
It is too late to turn back the hands of time to prevent Living Flow from destroying the natural world. The material world has taken the natural world to the brink of total destruction for the sake of a monetary flow that has now moved on into artificial intelligence, where it obviously belongs. 
The question is, what is in store for the people who want to save themselves, the natural world for future generations, and the history of the natural world? What is the solution? Better still, if the natural world is collapsing, where can we seek protection?
The solution is dependent on us learning to make new choices before time splits in two and the natural world is lost to us forever. 
These are new choices that are not dependent on what we believe or anything that we have learned to understand in the past. The place where we are going is beyond a linear timeline, but not beyond hope. Those who want to survive will have to learn how to follow Living Flow across time to find our new Home.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Collapse of Linear Time

Written in 2013

Old world time (linear time) is collapsing. Along with this collapse will be everything that we have invested in as a civilization, and as individuals. Everything gone. It is impossible to rebuild faster than nature can destroy. So, what is the solution? Is it possible to think positively and bypass the collapsing of time? Can we use what we believe (all you have to do is believe) to change the Universal Mind? The truth is, the Universal Mind does not recognize belief because it stands outside of reality. Belief stands outside of reality because it includes information that does not support reality. What is this information? Fear, guilt, hate, war, disease, starvation, destruction, shame, ingratitude, loss, and the list goes on. Do we really think the Universal Mind will overlook all of this nonsense and say "come on in" just because we believe it? The truth is, if the Universal Mind allowed this into Itself to be included as part of its reality, there would be one heck of a mess. Any recognition of the Universal Mind of anything defines it as being part of created reality. Are we really sure we would want what we believe to be included in reality? There are 6 degrees of separation that prevents us from entering reality. We are only required to take one of these steps, but even taking this one step requires a huge leap of faith. This leap of faith carries us beyond belief. A Course in Miracles states that we must give our belief to faith in order to reach the space where the other 5 steps will be taken for us. Beyond belief is faith, but beyond faith is truth. Truth requires nothing of us, but letting go of the belief to exercise the faith necessary to cross the 6 degrees of separation is another matter. Letting go of personal belief that harbors fear is like letting go of a rope when you cannot see the ground below. Even if you are only a foot off the ground, but do not believe this, the fear involved can be overwhelming. 

A Course in Miracles explains that there is no difficulty in miracles, which means they are all the same. The reason they are all the same is because miracles do not recognize belief in fear. This is why miracles require faith. Thus, faith is the only step you have to make. The rest will be done for you. It is in the gaining of this faith that brought The Great Miracle Share into existence. Gaining confidence that miracles work comes from learning how to become aware of them. The Great Miracle Share offers the means to establish faith in miracles by introducing a tiny crack in the consciously held belief defense. It is the individuals willingness to open the mind to a New Movement of Thought that begins the journey into Now. This aspect of time, which is defined as Now, reveals itself to the One who has agreed to learn how to invest in the Wholeness of reality by using fragments of belief that contain truth. These fragments of reality carry the innocent nature, and must be returned to Heaven where they belong. This is what our world has stolen from Heaven. This is the reason our world will be saved. The intellectual ego is holding Inno-sense hostage, and those who agree to save their inno-sense, will save their soul. A Course in Miracles states, "you have stolen something from Heaven. Give it back." It is the returning of our Inno-sense to Heaven that frightens us. We are afraid that we will be punished by God for doing such a thing. This is a very deep psychological error that dates back to the time of Atlantis thousands of years ago.

Sharing this information is not easy. It has taken many years to understand what its purpose was and is. There is a Universal Plan to help the people in the world escape the collapse of old world time. The Great Miracle Share is part of this Plan.

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The Heart Mind Never Forgets

All experiences, whether they are psychological or physical, are stored for a future reference here. This is not an intellectual memory, it is a heart memory.

The intellect stirs an experiential fearful body memory from the past, which is immediately transferred to the heart.

It is always the heart that bears witness to body fear.
In an attempt to avoid further body terror, the heart urges us to seek for refuge for the body.

It does this by beating faster, which causes respiration to become shallow. Shallow breathing entertains what is called the fight or flight breath. We would rather run, but if forced to, we will stand and fight. We do not want to have another experience as the one that occurred in the past.

Unfortunately, fear does not protect

It only confirms the memory that our heart attempts to deal with. The strain on the heart eventually becomes intolerable, and heart disease, or some other kind of disease sets in.

This need not be. Behind the false memory of fear that is stored in the body is a real memory. The way to reach this memory is by remembering our inno-sense.

Because guilt is the opposite of inno-sense, when our heart bears witness to a past fear, it is time to take deep breaths, and focus only on the breath.

The breath is our connection to the Higher Mind.  

Be still and know that I Am means that we bring peace into the heart by allowing our breath to bring a whole measure of truth into our awareness.

We will not understand what this whole measure is, as it has been blotted out by the fearful years of denial of this truthful reference.

But just because we do not see it, does not mean it is not there.
When fear strikes in the body, our heart needs protection.
Just breathe until the "peace that passeth understanding" surrounds you with the I Am Presence.
When you reach this empty space in your mind, you will know.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

The Unnatural Sound of fear

Written in 2011

If the unnatural condition of fear was removed from collective consciousness, there would be no reason to seek to destroy, and all self destructive motivations would cease to exist. The unhealthy issue of fear is so profound, if this conditions was not being addressed, all of the people in the world would vanish from the face of the Earth. However,God is patient and kind. The Bible states that He Loved the Earth so much, He gave His only Begotten Son. However, A Course in Miracles states this another way. In here we find that God Loved the world so much He gave it to His Son. The Bible states that; "in the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a God."
All words produce a sound, and all sound carries a distinct vibration. When words are contaminated by the unnatural condition in fear, they do not produce the necessary vibration to complete a word with a positive reaction. Instead of hitting the mark of what is wanted, the sound ends before it is completed. This sound is the unnatural flaw in the collective consciousness in our world, which consistently leads to an unnatural outcome and always destructive in nature. It is impossible to begin in error and end up with a positive, healthy reaction.
The unnatural sound of fear was introduced into our world when our world began 6000 years ago. This unnatural sound was then attributed to the Creator, which made Him into a fearful God. None of this is true. Love is not a contradiction, and it is is impossible to assign meaning when meaning has already been assigned. In other words, we did not make God through a false reasoning assigned by fear, God created us in Perfect Love. Therefore, we have it backwards. It is not God that needs correction, it is the unnatural consequences of words that are internally held and assign an unnatural identity with fear. This is referred to as self talk. Self talk is how we internally assign meaning internally to external conditions. When fear is added, or any other emotion that attacks someone else, we will experience the effects of the unnatural condition of fear.
We were created to be Co-creators. This natural ability cannot be taken from us, however it can be used for a purpose it was never intended to be used for.The evolution of our world and the Planet Earth are being made ready to undo this error. When this process is complete, fear will be abolished from collective consciousness. This process is so profound, it defies explanation. It must be experienced. Wethe people must become aware of what is occurring so we can take part in this process by being willing to learn how to accept the Hand of the Word and evolve without fear. We are One with this Word, but have forgotten because of the unnatural condition of fear our world uses as part of its reality. Fear is not real, we are. We are the Word. It is time to remember.

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Friday, March 25, 2016

A Living Story

For every physical story that has ever been told, there is a better version of this story. Stories come from the mind, and the mind is unlimited. Because the mind is unlimited, it is possible for dimensions to be added to the story. The better the story teller, the more credence and life the story is given in the mind of the reader.
Generally speaking, the words in a book do not jump out and include us in the story. Instead, we are the observers. A novel will bring the reader to the conclusion of the writer by bringing all of these factions together. At the end of the story, if the book is well written, the reader can see how the story line developed, and the reader will eventually be brought to the same conclusion as the writer.
This is one of the problems with the Biblical Story in Genesis. The story in Genesis is a Living Story, although it is not necessarily told in terms that we understand. Because we are unaccustomed to reading Living Words, we will attempt to analyze the words in terms that we do understand.
The reader of a Living Story is not responsible for defining the Living Words that bring life to the story. If the reader attempt to add their own personal understanding to Living Words, the reader is only privy to understanding about 10% of the story. Living Words must be allowed to define themselves.
However, because we have not been taught to read Living Words, we allow what we have been taught to give meaning to the words we read. This is analysis, and all analysis comes from what we have learned in the past.
All Living Words are ascribed to the present moment, which means attempts to analyze Living Words are preventing the reader from being able to see that they are actually part of the Living Story. If they were not part of the Living Story, it would be impossible for the Living Words to enter into their mind.
Denying a Living Story is like denying the life of our child. Denying a child does not mean that they do not exist, it means that we are not acknowledging a part our Self.
The Living Story of our world is still being written. If we deny the any part of the Living Story of US, how will we every find meaning in what is occurring today? How can we possibly hope to find an end to a story that has no beginning because we have denied it. A reader of a novel will give more benefit to a fictional book than they will to a Living Story. How is it possible to judge a Living Story that has not yet been wholly told yet?
If we deny the Biblical story in Genesis, does this mean that we have to deny physical evolution? No, as a Living Story will not leave out anything. The Bible carries the Spiritual Value of the History of the world, not physical history. Physical history is not included in the Bible because this is not what the Bible is for.
However, when the individual is filled with doubt because of the seemingly inconsistencies, perhaps they you should ask for a Living Interpretation, instead of assuming they believe they already understand how to read Living Words.
The story in the Garden of Eden defines an error of Universal and dimensional proportion. This was not just a physical error. Being excommunicated to the 3rd dimension meant that the people of our world would no longer be an active participant in the Living Language necessary to understand Living Words. This natural ability was lost for thousands of years. However, because the next chapter in the Living Story of our world is being open for us to examine, the ability to hear the truth of the Living Words in a Living Language that has all but been forgotten by our world, is now open. This does not mean that we are ready to contribute to this Living Language, as it is time to listen, not contribute.
To believe is to make something up that is not wholly understood. The object of a belief is to maintain a fragment of the original integrity of truth, lest the truth be wholly lost. By holding on to a fragment of Living Value, we have the ability to listen to the whole. Without this fragment of Living Value, our world would not exist, and the Living Language would be lost to us forever.
" If only you believe," is a mandate to honor the Living Content within the belief first. This means finding a way to bring all of the Living Content, which was lost in the beginning, back together to form a whole Living l Story. Once this happens, the Living Story becomes a Living Memory. It is this Living Memory that will stretch from the Alpha to the Omega, or from the beginning to the end.
No one has total access to a whole memory of the Living Story of our world, as our individual part in this Living Story has not yet been completed. The next chapter in our part of the Living Story requires us to individually play an active part in undoing the first human error. It was this error, as explained in the beginning with Living Words, that changed the Living Story in the beginning to one that requires correction before the Whole Story can be told.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Emotional Promotion Becomes Material Reality

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What is emotionally promoted will become a material reality.This is because we are emotional beings before we ever learned to identify with the intellect or belief. When an intellectual belief is promoted by defining the unhealthy symptoms of an intellectual action, ie breast cancer awareness, the hazards of smoking, drug addiction, war, etc, the emotions attached to the unhealthy act become first a symptom, which then begins to work on our health. This is called fear, which is an unhealthy emotional response to health. 

Health is a true state of being, and the condition of the Universe is harmless. We do not recognize this because we have become emotionally attached to an intellectual interpretation. What if there is another interpretation? What is wrong with breast health awareness?Wouldn't this be a healthy approach instead of being focused on cancer? Physical science does not understand emotional science because it believes the intellect is greater than emotional integrity. It is emotion that moves the Universe. The intellect studies what it believes in, and then analysis it without giving consideration to emotional integrity. How can an intellectual interpretation be called accurate if what defines the Universe is being left out?

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One Whole Sense

When we are born, we have one sense. This is called inno-sense. As we mature, we grow into 5 separate body senses. We do this by learning dishonesty. Inno-sense does not want to be punished, so it learns to be deceptive. Inno-sense does not want to get in trouble, so it learns to deceive. Inno-sense does not want to be made fun of, so it learns to cover up mistakes it has made so no one can see. Every memory that denies whole sensory perception becomes a fearful expression of being caught in a lie. We were not created to lie or deceive. We were created to be innocent. When was the last time you saw a baby smile deceptively? The answer is NEVER.

When was the last time you painted a smile on your face while thinking that this was not a happy smile. Clearing the deception out of the 5 separate body senses will not only restore inno-sense to us, it will restore it to the world. This is a Plan that will work to correct the global problems that swirl around in time and paralyze us with fear and terror.

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