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Miracles are living educational tools, and are unlike any teaching tools we were taught to use for physical learning. Miracles are the means to reach the higher frequency defined by Pure Love. Because the Living Language of the Universe is Pure Love, learning to make use of miracles to communicate the Universal Language of Love for us is essential for our survival, as well as the survival of our world. Miracles use the vibrations of our words to help us communicate with a higher degree of integrity. When the words we speak are in alignment with miracles, they are honest and without malice. It is in this space that we experience miracles. Because of the implications of the meaning of the lessons miracles provide, it important to learn how to make consistent use them. In this we will learn the value of our OWN words, and how to use them to change our world.
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Heart Mind Never Forgets

All experiences, whether they are psychological or physical, are stored for a future reference here. This is not an intellectual memory, it is a heart memory.

The intellect stirs an experiential fearful body memory from the past, which is immediately transferred to the heart.

It is always the heart that bears witness to body fear.
In an attempt to avoid further body terror, the heart urges us to seek for refuge for the body.

It does this by beating faster, which causes respiration to become shallow. Shallow breathing entertains what is called the fight or flight breath. We would rather run, but if forced to, we will stand and fight. We do not want to have another experience as the one that occurred in the past.

Unfortunately, fear does not protect

It only confirms the memory that our heart attempts to deal with. The strain on the heart eventually becomes intolerable, and heart disease, or some other kind of disease sets in.

This need not be. Behind the false memory of fear that is stored in the body is a real memory. The way to reach this memory is by remembering our inno-sense.

Because guilt is the opposite of inno-sense, when our heart bears witness to a past fear, it is time to take deep breaths, and focus only on the breath.

The breath is our connection to the Higher Mind.  

Be still and know that I Am means that we bring peace into the heart by allowing our breath to bring a whole measure of truth into our awareness.

We will not understand what this whole measure is, as it has been blotted out by the fearful years of denial of this truthful reference.

But just because we do not see it, does not mean it is not there.
When fear strikes in the body, our heart needs protection.
Just breathe until the "peace that passeth understanding" surrounds you with the I Am Presence.
When you reach this empty space in your mind, you will know.

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