Lessons in Developing a Miracle Consciousness

Miracles are living educational tools, and are unlike any teaching tools we were taught to use for physical learning. Miracles are the means to reach the higher frequency defined by Pure Love. Because the Living Language of the Universe is Pure Love, learning to make use of miracles to communicate the Universal Language of Love for us is essential for our survival, as well as the survival of our world. Miracles use the vibrations of our words to help us communicate with a higher degree of integrity. When the words we speak are in alignment with miracles, they are honest and without malice. It is in this space that we experience miracles. Because of the implications of the meaning of the lessons miracles provide, it important to learn how to make consistent use them. In this we will learn the value of our OWN words, and how to use them to change our world.
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Peace: Same Time Same Space

The time our world exists in is an illusion because it does not take consistent advantage of the only aspect of time that is real. This time is defined as Now.  3D history defines our world, but it is not 3D history that is the problem. It is the emotional attachment to historical value that prevents our world from exploring another time and space. Learning to let go of past emotional attachments would allow our world to evolve into 4D science.

The journey in 3D is a backwards, forwards motion. With every step we take forward, we take one step back. This backwards motion in time defines what we learned in the past. What we have learned in the past is what we believe will protect us. This is because we believe the past can protect us. The other problem believing the past can protect us is that when we use our emotional past to define the present, we constantly move backwards in time. The creative ability in free will was not designed to move backwards. Its purpose is to move towards a healthy emotional outcome, which is wholly beneficial.

All 3D emotional belief is related to psychological retreat towards the past. It is a belief that the past can somehow protect us from making a guilty mistake. The problem is, we use unnatural fear to protect our emotions. All guilt leads to fear, and it is impossible for the unnatural dimensional condition of fear to lead us out of the unnatural emotion of guilt. A new natural condition must be introduced to replace the unnatural one. A miracle condition is the 4D correction for the 3D unnatural condition of fear.

When we were children we learned that we were not in emotional control. So to avoid being punished, looking stupid, failing, or a zillion other things, we learned to emotionally react. An emotional reaction is a retreat into a past that does not exist. A retreat into a past that does not exist is a retreat into darkness. Once innocence retreats into a fearful past or darkness, it is recognized as the inner child that has never emotionally matured.

Emotional immaturity is always defined by an intellectual analysis. It is this unnatural shift, which places an unnatural ability to analyze over the natural ability to Love, which defines the 3D experience. The whole Universe, except for the 3rd dimension, uses Love to define reality, not the intellect. The intellect is not wise, it analysis data. Thus, the intellect provides a skill, not a natural ability. Technology analysis data, and artificial intelligence does not understand how to analyze Love, because Love requires emotional maturity and wisdom.

Because our world has never understood the emotional integrity/wisdom necessary to discipline children with Love, all children in 3D have learned discipline through guilt. You cannot give what you do not have. If your parents disciplined with guilt, it is impossible not to teach it.

 Whenever guilt presents itself in our mind, we will retreat into the past for shelter. Not understanding that the only place where Love can be found is in the Now, our innocence learned to believe that it was the past that offered protection. Although the body matured, the innocence that learned to believe that guilt was real was buried in an emotional darkness of hell. Buried under years of guilt and fear, the inner child grows weary of the struggle, and eventually gives up. This is when death occurs.

Time and space together define a dimension. The time it took our world to redefine Love into fear shattered the peaceful space that once surrounded our world. This was the instant when our world slipped into a Universal crack, and time was rewound to redefine the space our world existed in. It was in the rewinding of time that fear was established as an unnatural condition. It is this rewinding of time that established 3D science, which explains the fearful dinosaurs that once roamed the Planet Earth. This also explains why there are advanced societies that do not coincide with the 3D scientific time line and explanation of physical evolution.

Undoing fear is the responsibility of the people who live in our world. Rewinding dimensional time is a responsibility of the Universe. We the people are responsible for taking the first step out of the deception defined by fear, and into 4th dimensional Light. It is this Universal Plan that will exchange 3D science for 4D science, and teach our world another reality defined by Pure Love.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Collapsing the Past

In 3D it is perceived that the only way to fill empty space is with material form. This is defined as a building, a bridge, and even a physical body. In 4D, an empty space is defined first as an emotional void. As the void becomes filled with the content of Perfect Love, it then becomes form. This process could be explained by the 9 months it takes for a baby to fill the womb. Once the womb is full of perfect innocent Love, it is expelled from the womb where it is left in the hands of physical parents, who were only a minute part of a Universal Plan to introduce a spiritual idea into innocent physical form.

In 3D, when a building has no more useful function, it is imploded. The space that is left will allow something new to be built. This is also true of the body. When it is no longer serves a useful purpose, it dies to make room for another body, which has another purpose to fulfill. The empty space left by buildings and bodies are always being replaced because this is a Law of Nature. Voids must be filled with something new to replace the old.

It took thousands of years for humanity to fill the Earth with buildings and bodies. The Earth now houses 8 billion people, along with buildings that have not been torn down and are now subject to decay.  There is no room for anything new, because what is old fills the void, or the empty space. Too much of the past has been left behind and cleaning up the past is not anything that the next generation should be held responsible for.

Old buildings and filled cemetery's are not the only things that have been left to rot in our world. There are 6000 years of inhuman and unjust acts perpetrated against innocent ones that have not been given over to justice. These acts of injustice have corrupted our world with the stench of rotting memories  that fill the collective unconscious mind that fills the 3rd dimension. As in our world, justice must be met, so it is with the Living Laws that define eternal Justice.

Until the cries of the innocent ones are silenced by perfect justice, a haunting sound of foul play will continue to emanate from the ghosts and unholy ground that fills 3D space. Until eternal justice is applied for everyone, there will be no empty space to define a New World. With no solid ground in the empty space to build a New World, it is in danger of collapsing. As the tormented sounds coming from the past grow louder, our world will be drawn ever deeper into the haunted past, until the terms of eternal justice are met.

All consciousness dwells in a Universal Mind. Consciousness makes a Sound. This Sound is defined as pure joy. The sound that comes from our world is not pure joy. It is the sound of death, past injustice, and terror.  It is this unrighteous unsettling past sound that is sending out a cry into the Universe. It is this past sound that is being heard. The ignorance that fills our world concerning this unholy sound cannot continue to be ignored. It is the sound of fear that must be silenced forever. This can only be accomplished with eternal justice.

It is said that the mind never forgets. But dealing with a sound of death, coming from a fearful past born in our world, has consequences in the Universal Mind that are misunderstood and devalued in the3D  physical mind. This is because we do not fully appreciate or understand what Higher Justice is for. Our world has long devalued the higher justice made to protect the people, in favor of material value made to protect the few. It is not commonly understood how this kind injustice contaminates a dimension by redefining the purpose of whole Perfect Love in the Universal Mind.

The physical mind has distorted the value of Pure Love with emotions that are intellectually defined with guilt. We have learned to believe we are justified when we are angry, and want someone else to feel guilty. But this is not the purpose of Perfect Love. Who ever heard of guilty or angry Love? But because we believe it is true, we have been deceived into supporting a past that in reality, does not exist.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Universal Deception

Time is located in the Universe as the 4th dimension. The 4th dimension has access to both the 3rd and 5th dimension. The 5th dimension supplies the 4th dimension with the natural intuitive ability that defines it. In the 3rd dimension this is experienced as nature. Because the 3rd dimension is consciously defined as belief, and belief relies on separate body senses to define reality, what appears in the 3rd dimension is the material value that nature supplies. A whole sensory perception would change the relationship of the 3rd dimension with nature, but we do not understand how to define a whole body sense. This is because the body senses are separately defined. The dimensional Plan to redefine 5 separate senses into one sense is called One Wholeness Now. But this cannot be accomplished without the willing participation of the occupants who live in our world. This is because of the Universal Living Law that protects free will.

It is difficult to conceive that we live in a Universe that is defined by emotional intuitive integrity, which is powered or set into motion by the ability to sense a direction for a conscious thought. Our world is also powered by conscious thought and sensory perception. The difference between our world and higher dimensions is that we rely on mind/body emotional memories to define the world we live in, and the Universe that defines it. We cannot see beyond the memories that define the meaning in a whole Universe because we lack the whole intuitive emotional integrity that would allow us to sense the world and the Universe as whole and complete. If we could do this, we would see that we were part of this perfection. But as it is, each person believes that they command a separate world, which is defined by their personal belief. What people do not perceive, because of separate sensory perception, is that it is impossible to define reality this way without dimensionally fragmenting it.

In our world, some people believe in God, some believe in Mohammad, some are atheists, some are agnostics, some are black, some are white, some are red, and some are yellow, and every race, religion, and culture, as well as each individual, carries their own belief system according to what they have been taught by others, and according to what they have taught themselves. What you are taught and what you believe is buried in the senses, and these beliefs provide information to prove the existence of this personal reality. This is the power in free will.

There is not one belief that is wholly shared by everyone in our world, except perhaps the inner desire for global peace. But even at this, everyone personally has a remedy for global conflicts, as well as all of the other problems that are facing our world. But what if everyone in the whole world is wrong? What if the experts who define the economy, the environment, medicine, what is and isn't healthy, exercise, scientific answers, and everything we have been taught to believe is true, is in fact , not true at all? What then? Who will  we call on to answer our questions? The call has gone out, but we are not listening because we do not believe the answer is there. We still want the answer to be in our world, and it isn't.

The solution in the past was to call on global leaders, but it is obvious they do not have the answers either. Thus, we must find another resource that will give new meaning to the questions that are being asked. If this does not happen, our world will plunge deeper into darkness. The destruction of our world is not possible. But what is possible is to go deeper into terror until we choose to hear the solution.

Most people know that there is an evolutionary shift going on. If they do not consciously recognize this shift in consciousness, it is pretty difficult to ignore what is occurring in nature. The Earth itself is gearing up for an evolutionary shift. Even science and environmentalist are alarmed at the rate the polar ice caps are melting. Science can do nothing about what is happening in nature because the Earth belongs to the Universe. We cannot govern the Earth, because we do not consciously understand how to direct nature. If we want to learn how to direct nature, we have to learn how to use the dimensional tool that is being provided. This tool is called a miracle.

The questions that the people have asked global leaders have gone unanswered. There is another way. The people are being asked to direct their questions to the 5th dimension. All of the global problems we perceive, amount to nothing in the 5th dimension. The evolutionary things that are happening globally can be intuitively redefined in our mind by agreeing to take direction from a New Movement of Thought being introduced into consciousness. By learning to consciously assign specific directions to the miracles that dwell in the 4th dimension, our questions will be answered. This will clear up any doubt that we might have as to Who is in control of our world.

The miracles that dwell in the 4th dimension are living intuitive tools that will allow us to escape the repressive beliefs and deceptions that define personal and global limitation and doom. But we must be willing to learn how to direct the miracles in the 4th dimension.

By learning to use consciousness to direct miracles, we will learn how to consciously communicate with the 5th dimension. This will be accomplished by building a miracle bridge across time. This will open new levels of communication with higher dimensions that were not available to our world in the past. We will learn that there is nothing to fear, and the deceptive beliefs that have kept us from sharing in dimensional observation and new possibilities are nothing. We made it all up. But because it is just a made up dimensional lie, it can be exchanged for a miracle.

We can are being given a choice; we can personally continue to believe and trust in the deceptive lie, or we can choose again. By closing down the lie, we will share in the New World possibilities of exploring the 4th dimension. Eventually, everyone must make this choice, because it is the only one that will lead to a better world.

Individually, we must learn how to consciously ask better questions. If we want to learn how to wholly and consciously direct our world towards a better outcome, we must become united in perfect dimensional  Cause.  The Universal Plan of One Wholeness Now is the means to teach us individually how to meet miracle conditions, and ultimately teach a united Cause by defining our world as being One with the perfect peace necessary to define Now, the only application of time that is real.

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Expiration of Time

It is said that nature will fill a void. All nature happens in time. Nature happens in a level of time that 3D science does not use or understand, yet it does attempt to define what nature is for. A reasonable question would be; how can you possibly offer a reasonable explanation or give meaning to something if you cannot even relate to it in the same time frame? 

The gap that separates 3D science and 4D science is intellectual belief. What is intellectually believed in 3D science does not apply to 4D science. For instance, in 3D it is against the law to murder people. Try to tell a shark or a crocodile that it is against the law to kill a person and see what happens. The laws that separate 3D science and 4D science is called intuition.

4D science is above the 3D science, yet we do not doubt 3D science. Yet we find it difficult to rise above the 3D scientific interpretations. What appears to be 3D scientifically factual is actually missing an element of truth, which would fill in the blank or the empty space that nature would fill if given the opportunity. Instead, physical science and physical laws have filled, in or passed over the empty space, without consideration of the value that 4D science has to offer.

A little investment in an empty space in the value of time defined as Now would give 3D  science an opportunity to fill in the void with intuitive information that would naturally end war, disease, drought, starvation, intolerance, hate, prejudice, and every problem our world has never been able to solve. Einstein understood this. He shared the Law of Relativity with the rest of the world and changed how the scientific community viewed the whole Universe. He tuned into the intuitive value of 4D science by learning to use his consciousness outside of the 3D world. This value is defined as Now, or the only aspect of time that is real.

Our 3D world is running out of the time defined as Now, and because Now is the only aspect of time that is real, we are running out of reality because 3D science is exploring science that does not include 4D intuition. Instead, science is using Now intuitive living emotional value, without considering emotional integrity, and applying it to the past, where it is destructive. This can be observed in nuclear plants. The Universal property that defines nuclear energy demands emotional intuitive integrity so it is not destructive to the dimension that is exploring its value.

The shutting down of 3D intellectual science can be observed in nature, as the Earth has begun evolving to rid itself of an intellectual world that does not honor its natural intuitive ability. Too much time has been wasted exploring the past to figure out Because Now is the only application of time that is real the past is not where reality can be found, and it cannot be fixed. Only intuitive science offers perspective into the Universe, as only intuitive science can explain what is going on right Now.

In the Universe, consciousness defines dimensional emotional integrity. In 3D this is defined as intuitive value. It is intuitive integrity that defines what a dimension is for. The dimension is intuitively guided by Universal Laws, which protect the whole dimension. The higher the dimension, the greater is the intuitive value that fills it. 
All dimensional property, or intuitive value, is dependent on the peace that comes from the consciousness that fills the dimension. All 3rd dimensional intuition is conflicted because it perceives intellectual value as being greater than intuitive value. This has caused intuitive emotional bankruptcy in our world. Because 3D relies on intellectual value to redefine intuitive value into material value, the material value we hold so dear has is merely reflecting the real problem.

The confusion of natural intuition with intellectual intuitive material value is causing all kinds of physical problems. People are so confused about what real intuitive value is, it has become increasingly more difficult to complete a task without the material value that the intellect has attempted to substitute natural intuitive value with. 

The reliance on material intellectual value now overrides emotional integrity. The laws that define our world constantly violate emotional integrity to protect material value. All emotional value has been corrupted by what is believed is morally supportive of the body, money, and material value. Thus, we have left out the natural ability defined by the natural intuitive ability in the  4th dimension to stabilize a global economy in the Now. Instead, we are attempting to fix the past, which 3D has assigned the value of time to, so material value is protected. We live in an emotional sea of intellectual ideas that do not understand the real problem.

The intuitive lessons we relied on to define a global society are being ignored. They are being replaced with the artificial intelligence in technology. The artificial intelligence being used to solve global problems are sending a signal out that 4th dimensional intuitional value is no longer necessary. Thus, time is collapsing, just as the Mayan Calendar foretold.  The value in nature is being used for only the material value it offers. Thus, the real 4th dimensional value offered through time is lost on a world that has no time for it. For this reason, time is about to expire.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

4D ReBirth

"Rebirth is merely the dawning in your mind of what is already in it. God placed it there HimSelf so it is true forever." ACIM

When we are born into the physical world, we are born into 3D. The 3rd dimension is called existence, and also where life is learned through experience. All experience is called a 3rd dimensional lesson. Applied experiential beliefs are internally explained according to how the lesson has been learned. All belief in 3D are consciously protected and stored in the 3D form used to experience the dimension. In our world this is called a body.

The 3D lesson provides the experience, and the 3D body is used to store the memory of the experience so the lesson can be called on to define the present over and over again. Defining the present with a past memory is called getting a life.

The problem with getting a life is that 90% of what we learn through experience lacks the emotional integrity to define joy. Thus, what is lacking in the 3D experience is the fundamental ability to add joy to a lesson learned through experience. A life that can be written down and defined by paper is not defined by a living Universal memory. A Living Universal Memory is defined by pure joy. In our world it is paper that defines security. In the Universe, it is joy that defines it.

Lack of joy is a lack of regard and honor for the Self Value we were born with. This Self Value is called the innocent expression of pure joy. The re-birthing process is the re-introduction of the pure joy in the innocence that has been set aside for something else. This something else is the belief that we can personally find and identify the value of joy through the 3D life experience. The problem with this is that the lessons that teach experience are overshadowed with material value, and everyone knows that material value cannot buy happiness.

The conflict of the 3D experience has been waging for 6000 years. Ever since the flood, when the people who consciously defined our world chose material and form gratification over innocent joy. When the eternal innocence of pure joy was lost after the flood, it was hung in the 4th dimension in the colors of the rainbow. Here, it would be impossible for the 3rd dimension to lose, but would be just out of reach until the perfect time for it to be re-introduced into the 3D experience.

For 6000 years, our world has been living on borrowed time, and this time is about to run out. There is no such thing as a dimension that does not apply joy in its foundation. The only dimension that approves joyless lessons is the 3rd dimension, where our world resides. We obviously have a problem that must be resolved.

Consciousness cannot maintain a dimension without the wholeness of joy. The Universe just was not set up this way. Re-birthing into joy must be introduced into global consciousness from a dimension that is dimensionally shared. This dimension must be joyous, but has not been used to consciously define a whole reality.

Our 3D world has defined a whole reality, but this reality lacks the integrity of the unconscious ability to access whole joy. However, the 4th dimension, which has access to unconscious joy, has been left undefined by consciousness. But the joining of 3D science with 4D natural joy would redefine our world into a whole New World. New possibilities would be found as nature and humans learn to live on the same dimensional page. This is the re-birthing process.

The Universal Plan to unite 3D joyless science, with 4D joy filled nature is a new kind of time. It is not old world time, and it is not defined by artificial intelligence. It is a new virtual 4th dimensional science that will open new doors of new possibilities never before explored. This is called conscious evolution, and it is the next phase of experiential learning it is time for the people in our world to explore.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Redefining Belief

Understanding miracles is unlike anything we could possibly believe. Belief alone falls under physical justice. Miracles are protected by Higher Justice. When miracle value is added to belief, the value of the belief it protected by Higher Justice. Because everything we believe maintains our material existence, when miracle value is added the material value we own attains a status of OWN. This means it is Universally recognized as being connected to Higher Integrity, and thus protected as such.

On the other hand, when a miracle is placed under the direction of a belief, it is limited to the physical expression of that belief. It must follow the justice it has been assigned by the one who has asked for a miracle. The reason we do not understand miracles, or do not witness to their ability is because we assume that what we believe concerning a problem we are experiencing is the best choice we can make. Miracles offer us another choice. This is the one that will deliver us from the harmful effects of the unnatural condition of fear. Miracles do not see fear, so they do not employ it as a means to figure out a solution. Without fear of judgment, there is nothing to fear.

This may not make a lot of sense. If it did, there would be no point to miracles. Miracles are dimensional learning devices that protect us by placing our consciousness under Higher Justice. Under Higher Justice, we have another opportunity to serve the Higher Laws that serve us.

Much as teachers use educational tools to educate children, miracles are dimensional learning devices that come from a higher dimension that can be used to transform what we believe into majesty.Just as a child does not understand how to read, write, or perform math skills, the people in our world do not comprehend how to use miracle skills, so we must be taught. The time it takes to redefine everything we believe into miracle understanding is about 12 years or so. This is around the time time it takes to receive a basic physical education.

The difference between a physical education and a miracle education is that the physical one teaches body skills, and the other one teaches natural ability. Natural ability is Inspired by the Universal expression found in free will, appreciation, faith, and peace. One is brain taught, while the other teaches how to expand consciousness into higher dimensions of eternal Justice. One is limited to the body, while the other is unlimited in its ability to express without harm.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The 4D Solution for Self Value

Setting a goal is the first step towards attaining an outcome. The next step is the hardest part, for this involves a plan.  The plan is the guts of the goal, and if all of the questions in the plan are answered correctly, it is impossible for the goal to fail.

If a plan is to work, it must be whole and complete before it is executed. A whole goal calls for whole planning. Because we do not live in a perfect world, we have learned that getting someone else to do what we cannot do because we do not have the skill, is how to make the plan work. This calls for ability. Ability is how we intuitively know who is the right person for the job. For most people this is called getting our needs met. When we cannot get our needs met to complete a goal, we become frustrated, and will set our plan aside. When we set our goal aside, it is because we do not have the money to get what we need to complete the plan.

The way we have learned to make a plan work is to ask 6 basic questions. These questions offer answers that will give us the who, what, when, where, why, and how. If just one of the questions being posed runs into resistance or is impossible to resolve, the goal becomes hung up on specifics, which causes the goal to be constantly changed to meet other solutions that do not necessarily serve the whole purpose of the goal. The problem in goal setting always will come in the planning stage.

Goals fail because of the inability to choose the right course of action for the execution of a whole plan. Action is the purpose of consciousness. When consciousness cannot act, it reacts. Planning setting does not call for reaction, it calls for action. Herein lies the problem in our world. No one has a whole plan of action that serves all of the people.

The experts who are calling for a plan and answering the questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how for the people are conflicted and confused about what will work, and what will not work. Whenever a plan is purposed, it is interfered with by other people, or experts, who believe they have a better one.

The main problem that faces those who are making plans for the people is that there are just too many variables. Variables are interruptions in the plan, which interferes with the goal. Variables are introduced by people who believe they have the skill, but are not ability qualified.  A skill does not know how to answer a question because it is assigned the role of doing.  However, an ability is of the being, and would carry a goal to completion if it was given the opportunity. Because ability is consciously defined, it is multi dimensional. Being multi dimensional, it has the ability to seek for answers outside of the box, which skill primarily works out of. Because ability is multi dimensional, it is intuitive. It can reach out of time and come back with an answer that will work, if it is not interfered with by skill.  Ability is wholly defined, while skill deals with specifics. If a plan is led by a specific skill, it will fail because it will lack the ability to connect with a whole solution.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Dimensional Implications of Genesis

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For every physical story that was ever told, there is a better version of this story that will add dimensional details, which will allow the story to come to life in our mind.

The pages of a book do not jump out and include us in the story. We are observers of a story that is being told by someone else.  When we read, we attempt to appreciate and understand the writers meaning by putting our own interpretation on the words that are being read. The problem with this is that we cannot interpret the full impact or meaning of the words the writer has written without understanding the whole story. A novel brings us to the conclusion of the writer by bringing all of these factions together at the end of a book so we can see how the story line developed, and was eventually brought to a conclusion.

Living Words and reading material is different than a novel, because the story is about us. The problem comes from the belief that we are not part of the story, and are therefore exemplary from the direction the story is leading. The problem with the story regarding Adam and Eve in Genesis is that we do not see how we could possibly be part of this story, so we look at ways to interpret the message by excluding our own value and part in the stories outcome.

The story of our world is still being written. The 3rd dimensional story, which has been adopted to explain the meaning of what actually occurred in the Garden of Eden, cannot be fully appreciated until the reader gets out of his 3rd dimensional mind. This means thinking outside of the box. What is the box? It is the 3rd dimensional brain.

The story in the Garden of Eden defines a dimensional error, not a physical one. Being excommunicated to the 3rd dimension meant no longer being an active participant in the Universal communication process. The ability to hear was still there, but contributing to the Living Language of the Universe was a result of the error. The Garden itself was one of the mind, not the body. Self  body communication, or the ability to self-talk, was a result of the consequences that occurred in the Garden of Eden. Being self aware meant that it was possible to define the world and the Universe according to personal understanding, which is insanity. This was where belief began.

To believe is to make something up that is unknown. The object of a belief is to maintain a portion of the original integrity within the value that became scattered in the Garden of Eden. By holding on to a portion of the higher dimensional value, all would not be lost. If all was not lost, it would be possible to re-establish the Universal Garden conditions that were lost in the beginning. Without a portion of this Living dimensional integrity, our world would not exist." If only you believe," is a mandate to honor the Living Content within the belief, while negating what has been made up. This means finding a way to bring all of the original content, which was lost in the beginning, back together to form a whole dimensional Garden picture. Once this happens, the 3rd dimension becomes a Living Memory and replaces the mind chatter that goes on in the mind/body, or the self determined outcome that is defined by personal belief.

The purpose of miracles is to bring all Living Memories together that have been given over to individual personal belief to define a whole new dimension. This is called a New World. Re-defining the purpose of our world into a New World cannot be done without people co-operation, along with the dimensional solution, or miracles, that have the ability to overlook non-living memories that harbor hate and greed, while protecting the Living Memories that will save our world from ultimate darkness.

No one has total access to whole Living Memory. If they did, there would be no reason for them to remain in this world. It is impossible for a body to remain wholly connected to higher integrity without relinquishing the purpose of the body.

The new purpose for the people in our world is to learn how to work in harmony with the ultimate goal of relinquishing what does not matter, while giving what does matter to the miracle so it can be used or programmed to define a New World. The puzzle that will redefine our world is a global one, and will require people willing to work together in One Wholeness Now to find all of the Living Pieces to the Garden that was scattered in the beginning.
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Can a Miracle Be a Belief?

A miracle expression cannot be expressed through belief because belief is not Universally defined. All belief is physically and experientially defined through material/form value in one way or another. All material/form value has fear attached to it, and thus does not meet the Universal standards of purity. If you want to express miracles, then you will have to let go of what you believe for a higher interpretation and understanding. Letting go of a belief will allow a miracle enough room to purify it and redefine it to meet Universal standards.

Healing Time

The memories that define our world are collective, meaning that they have been collecting for 6000 years. A collection of these memories are held within the 4th dimension, better known as time. Because time is a higher dimension, its value and purpose cannot continue to be controlled by a lesser dimension. Namely, the 3rd dimension, or the one that defines our world.

Across the 4th dimension, or time, there has been a comic veil that protected our world and allowed it to exist without Universal interference. This protection has become more personal, in that people are connecting to a higher Universal Sound. This Sound is the Universal Language of impersonal and unconditional Love.

Because we live in 3D science, we believe that we can control this Universal Sound, or Language, by making and redefining the Sound into a purpose it was never intended for. It is obvious by the ominous threats that this Universal Sound is being used for in, the collective memories that define the historical value of our world are being threatened. It is also obvious, if the historical collective memories that define our world are gone, our world will cease to exist.The solution is simple, but not so easy.

Value is relative to the person who holds it, and everything that defines personal value comes from personal emotional understanding. Although the value in our personal intellectual integrity comes from 3D, our emotional integrity is held in 4D. Thus, 4D or time is where our historical emotional value remains.The problem is that 4D has become so filled with emotional toxic waste, the higher integrity coming from the Sound of impersonal and unconditional Love has becomes blocked at the 4th dimensional level.Personally, we can individually work on ourselves, but the 4th dimensional issue is a global one and must be handled in co-operation with the whole Universe.

Because global issues deal with collective historical value, and all the collective history that defines our world is literally littered with atrocities and injustice, if we the people do not begin to "listen up" and learn to use the collective value in consciousness to create an alliance with the Universe to clean up the history that makes allowances for corruption and deception, our world will fall into eternal damnation until we collectively change our mind.