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Miracles are living educational tools, and are unlike any teaching tools we were taught to use for physical learning. Miracles are the means to reach the higher frequency defined by Pure Love. Because the Living Language of the Universe is Pure Love, learning to make use of miracles to communicate the Universal Language of Love for us is essential for our survival, as well as the survival of our world. Miracles use the vibrations of our words to help us communicate with a higher degree of integrity. When the words we speak are in alignment with miracles, they are honest and without malice. It is in this space that we experience miracles. Because of the implications of the meaning of the lessons miracles provide, it important to learn how to make consistent use them. In this we will learn the value of our OWN words, and how to use them to change our world.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Collapsing the Past

In 3D it is perceived that the only way to fill empty space is with material form. This is defined as a building, a bridge, and even a physical body. In 4D, an empty space is defined first as an emotional void. As the void becomes filled with the content of Perfect Love, it then becomes form. This process could be explained by the 9 months it takes for a baby to fill the womb. Once the womb is full of perfect innocent Love, it is expelled from the womb where it is left in the hands of physical parents, who were only a minute part of a Universal Plan to introduce a spiritual idea into innocent physical form.

In 3D, when a building has no more useful function, it is imploded. The space that is left will allow something new to be built. This is also true of the body. When it is no longer serves a useful purpose, it dies to make room for another body, which has another purpose to fulfill. The empty space left by buildings and bodies are always being replaced because this is a Law of Nature. Voids must be filled with something new to replace the old.

It took thousands of years for humanity to fill the Earth with buildings and bodies. The Earth now houses 8 billion people, along with buildings that have not been torn down and are now subject to decay.  There is no room for anything new, because what is old fills the void, or the empty space. Too much of the past has been left behind and cleaning up the past is not anything that the next generation should be held responsible for.

Old buildings and filled cemetery's are not the only things that have been left to rot in our world. There are 6000 years of inhuman and unjust acts perpetrated against innocent ones that have not been given over to justice. These acts of injustice have corrupted our world with the stench of rotting memories  that fill the collective unconscious mind that fills the 3rd dimension. As in our world, justice must be met, so it is with the Living Laws that define eternal Justice.

Until the cries of the innocent ones are silenced by perfect justice, a haunting sound of foul play will continue to emanate from the ghosts and unholy ground that fills 3D space. Until eternal justice is applied for everyone, there will be no empty space to define a New World. With no solid ground in the empty space to build a New World, it is in danger of collapsing. As the tormented sounds coming from the past grow louder, our world will be drawn ever deeper into the haunted past, until the terms of eternal justice are met.

All consciousness dwells in a Universal Mind. Consciousness makes a Sound. This Sound is defined as pure joy. The sound that comes from our world is not pure joy. It is the sound of death, past injustice, and terror.  It is this unrighteous unsettling past sound that is sending out a cry into the Universe. It is this past sound that is being heard. The ignorance that fills our world concerning this unholy sound cannot continue to be ignored. It is the sound of fear that must be silenced forever. This can only be accomplished with eternal justice.

It is said that the mind never forgets. But dealing with a sound of death, coming from a fearful past born in our world, has consequences in the Universal Mind that are misunderstood and devalued in the3D  physical mind. This is because we do not fully appreciate or understand what Higher Justice is for. Our world has long devalued the higher justice made to protect the people, in favor of material value made to protect the few. It is not commonly understood how this kind injustice contaminates a dimension by redefining the purpose of whole Perfect Love in the Universal Mind.

The physical mind has distorted the value of Pure Love with emotions that are intellectually defined with guilt. We have learned to believe we are justified when we are angry, and want someone else to feel guilty. But this is not the purpose of Perfect Love. Who ever heard of guilty or angry Love? But because we believe it is true, we have been deceived into supporting a past that in reality, does not exist.

People that have believed and consciously supported injustice, have done so at the expense of the guilt that promotes a fearful past. There is no joy in fear, there is only death The innocent free will that harbored joy, and was tortured and buried in the past must be set free, but fear itself must die and be buried forever if our world is to live.

Our world builds museums and other markers that make sure we do not forget the fear in an injustice. The Holocaust is an example of a global injustice that is used to serve deep sadness. It is not the haunted terror that deserves our honor, it is the innocent value that was buried and cries out for justice that deserves attention. We cannot hear this sound. It is buried and rests, awaiting the appointed time when the Heavens will open to receive the Sound of Joy that has been buried in the Earth.

The Earth is full. It is full of Sounds that must be released to go Home, and haunting sounds of terror that invade the peace that our world is deserving of. A living memory of death from a fearful past, only defines more death in a fearful future. It is this rotting memory of death in the Universal Mind that must be put to rest. The joy in innocence cannot continue to be analyzed, and placed under intellectual scrutiny as if it were a material commodity. Joy must be released, and the fearful sound that hides joy must be undone. This can only be done if the injustice of the past is collapsed. Just like a contaminated building that is an eyesore, and is taking up space; the unnatural condition of fear is making a haunting sound in our mind, and taking up space. This space can be used for something much better than fear.  By collapsing the time that fear has been taking up, our world will at last rest in a living peace, instead of one that requires death and the grave to get away from the internal haunting sound of that fear continually makes.

Collapsing past time is a Universal concern. This is because the memories of injustice and fear live in the minds of the people who continue to support it. The dimensional implications of decaying injustice, which defines 6000 years of physical world history, must be undone by the people who are living Now. This is because, even God cannot change the past. However, past fear can be undone. This is called healing. The result of healing are mind shifts, which will align global collective consciousness with higher dimensional understanding. This will give our world access to eternal memories that are not defined by injustice, and do not rely on a fearful past to define individual and global perceptions.

Undoing the fearful decay of 6000 years will change the frequency of our world. With the undoing of fear, we the people will evolve with the Planet Earth. This will protect the world for future generations. The choice is ours. We can hold onto the past, or evolve with the Earth. But make no mistake, holding onto the past is going to become very intense in the body. So intense in fact, living in this fearful condition is called Armageddon.

We believe if there is no past, if it is gone there will be no point of reference. This is not the case. The only past reference that needs to be eliminated is the one that assigns fear as being real. The New World reference for time is called Now. Fear cannot live in the Now, because its purpose is to keep past injustice alive. This is not life, it is death.

The empty space that has been cleared away to make way for our world is in the 4th dimension. By learning to use time for a better purpose, or one that does not reference a fearful past, the frequency of our world will change .How this will be done is through a Universal Plan called One Wholeness Now, along with the miracles that are Universally programmed specifically for the conscious evolution of our world.

Because thousands of years of fear and injustice are involved, without Universal Help our world would fall into the decay that has been left behind by the unhealthy value defined by a fearful physical history. This Plan involves 4D miracles, and 3D forgiveness, which will work together to undo fear. The miracles will be provided Universally to those who choose them over fear, and forgiveness is what our world must provide. It is the first time in Universal history when the people of the Planet Earth and the Universe will enter into an alliance to clean up the toxic emotional waste caused by injustice, and held in global dimensional past history as guilt and fear.

Forgiveness is Universal Justice. Forgiveness can only be accomplished by the inhabitants who live in 3D. Miracles are defined as a Living 4D tool. As forgiveness occurs, miracles happen. Miracles elevate consciousness to a much higher degree of emotional integrity, which exposes the consciousness in our world to Pure Love. This does not happen immediately, but for every person who forgives wholly, there is a miracle bestowed upon the whole world. As miracle conditions replace fearful conditions, the frequency in consciousness elevates to a new dimension of understanding. This is the purpose of the Plan of One Wholeness Now. The purpose of The Great Miracle Share is to open the world to the new possibilities that miracles have in store for the people who agree to share in this Universal Alliance.It is forgiveness that opens the door to the miracles that holds the 4D empty space open, where the Promised Land and a New World will begin to be realized.

Dimensional forgiveness is simple to give, but not easy to understand or appreciate. This is because forgiveness that is dimensionally acceptable does not have the same understanding as physical forgiveness. New understanding for the forgiveness necessary to inspire miracles must be learned. This is what the Plan of OWN is for.

Miracles are simple to accept, but not easy to identify. This is because we believe and support what we can see, and it is impossible to see a miracle, but it is entirely possible to identify them at work if you understand miracle signs.

As forgiveness replaces 3D injustice,and miracles replace fear, our world will evolve. As it evolves, the empty 4D space that has been provided for a New World, miracle evidence will be impossible to  ignore. There is no injustice in the empty 4D space, for forgiveness has come at last come to take away the emotional decay caused by 6000 years of past fear.

Forgiveness is our Gift to the Universe, but miracles is a Gift from the Universe in appreciation to the people of the world. With an alliance such as this, there is nothing that we the people cannot accomplish....."and death will be no more. For the memory of it has been forgotten."

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