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Miracles are living educational tools, and are unlike any teaching tools we were taught to use for physical learning. Miracles are the means to reach the higher frequency defined by Pure Love. Because the Living Language of the Universe is Pure Love, learning to make use of miracles to communicate the Universal Language of Love for us is essential for our survival, as well as the survival of our world. Miracles use the vibrations of our words to help us communicate with a higher degree of integrity. When the words we speak are in alignment with miracles, they are honest and without malice. It is in this space that we experience miracles. Because of the implications of the meaning of the lessons miracles provide, it important to learn how to make consistent use them. In this we will learn the value of our OWN words, and how to use them to change our world.
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Friday, September 7, 2012

The Destructive Use of the Color Blue

Blue is the color of natural emotional stability. But when it is used at the 3D body level blue is the color of sadness. Being blue also denotes depression, unhappiness, and grief. When the color blue has been taken out of Heavenly Understanding and trapped in the 3D and used inappropriately to express lower 3D body understanding, it carries deep pockets of darkness where shadows of fear are used in the psyche of the body to hide.
In an attempt  to hide from an experience in the past that was traumatic, the blue innocent expression attempts to hide what it cannot wholly understand. Thus, it learns to believe that by hiding, it can escape further trauma. What it does not realize is that hiding under a fearful past only contributes to the problem.
Looking at the Living Color Blue as an innocent expression of Free Will, instead of just a color, allows us to re-examine our relationship to color and how it impacts the body, our health, our lives, relationships, and ultimately our world.

An example of how the Living Color of Blue is redefined into body understanding could be a child whose sibling was a chosen favorite by a parent. Even if this was not the intention of the parent, if the child questioned why internally, and could not come up with a reasonable answer, as the Living Color of emotional stability defined as Blue moved through the child, the inability to understand why a sibling was chosen as a favorite would imprison the color blue in the body. As this color is buried in the body under the fear of rejection, it begins a pattern of an unnatural condition called fear. Fear is a denial of what the Living Color of Blue is for. Thus, a stronger denial of fear is necessary to redeem the innocence of the child, and return the Living Color of Blue where it belongs.
Where a psychological trauma of not feeling good enough is buried in the body is a guess. But it has been my experience that many blue psychological scars are buried in the lungs as unexpressed sadness. Blue is how we refer to sadness. Sometimes this sadness is so deep, we cannot explain it, and do not even want to look at it. Many believe that digging around in the past is unnecessary to heal, but if the Living Color is not released, it will become destructive to the body.
The physical way people sometimes deal with this kind of emotional scar is to make a smoke screen over it so it can lessen the intensity of the sadness. Physically, this is defined as smoking. Smoking is addictive because the Living Color, (often referred to as the inner child) believes it has found a solution to a sad problem it does not understand how to deal with.
Smoking soothes the inner emotional scar, or the sadness of the past. But the fear of sadness learned in the past makes this a temporary solution. The now self aware solution relies on time to fix what it never understood, but this is not what time is for. Time cannot fix a Living Color problem, because that is not what its purpose is. The purpose of time is to define a dimension and fill an empty space, not fix problems. Time can only cover over a problem when it (time) is inappropriately being used to fix what can only be done through healing. The belief that time heals all wounds can only be accepted if it is believed that in time, all color solutions will be revealed and restored to their rightful function.This is called healing. Using time for healing does not mean to bury Living Color memories in the body to destroy it.
When a self aware solution is used to hide the Living Color of Blue in the lungs, the inner need to have a cigarette occurs over and over again to keep the false value of the hiding space from being found.The mind is very creative at doing this, and because it is the most creative force in the Universe, up until Now it has been difficult at best to individually figure out that the problem is one of color, not a physical one. Because Living Color is defined as Living Property, it falls under the protect of Living Law, which the body has not. However, releasing the Living Color so it can return to where it belongs will also heal the body.  This is how Living Laws and Heaven are re-introduced and a New World begins.
Any physical solution that is being used to fearfully hide Living Color is destructive to the body. Because the body cannot think for itself, it must be recognized that the Living Color that defines emotional innocence has been buried alive in the body. It also must be recognized that it is not the smoking that is the problem, but in fact is the eternal Living Expression of the Color Blue, also defined as Free Will that must be released.

ACIM tells us that we have stolen something from Heaven and we must give it back. By releasing innocence to Love, the innocent expression goes Home. As the Living Color of Blue returns to Heaven, peace is restored to the body. This is the miracle, often defined as the miracle of healing. The truth is, the miracle does not heal. What it does is deny the fear that the Living Color of Blue is hiding under within the body.

Once this eternal expression has returned Home, it "broadcasts" messages of Love into our mind. Because we hear this message, we are changed forever. Not only us, but the whole world as well. Because you cannot release a Living Color to go Home without healing the whole world, the benefits slowly begin to shift our world towards a wholly Loving Planet.
Miracle Alchemy clears a space where time reveals the Living Color that has been released to begin a New World. This is called a Season of Miracles. A Season that offers our world a New Begninning.

If you would like to participate in opening your OWN space, so you can use time to reveal what you really want, please join in The Great Miracle Share. If we agree to open up space in our mind by using Miracle Science, the time necessary to create what we want and a New World will be provided for us.

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