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Miracles are living educational tools, and are unlike any teaching tools we were taught to use for physical learning. Miracles are the means to reach the higher frequency defined by Pure Love. Because the Living Language of the Universe is Pure Love, learning to make use of miracles to communicate the Universal Language of Love for us is essential for our survival, as well as the survival of our world. Miracles use the vibrations of our words to help us communicate with a higher degree of integrity. When the words we speak are in alignment with miracles, they are honest and without malice. It is in this space that we experience miracles. Because of the implications of the meaning of the lessons miracles provide, it important to learn how to make consistent use them. In this we will learn the value of our OWN words, and how to use them to change our world.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mind/Body Memory

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Do you remember your first body memory? Some people do and some people don't, but the truth is the mind remembers everything. Even at this, we only access 10% of the memory capacity that the mind is capable of. Science gives this ability to the brain, but in reality the brain is a receiver of Universally Inspired information. Kind of like a radio receiver. This makes the brain a tool for learning Universally Inspired information. A tool for learning cannot define the lessons necessary to learn about the Universe. The very idea that the brain is only capable of processing 10% of the information that consciousness is capable of embracing should be an indicator that the brain is only a means for deciphering information that is difficult for us to comprehend at a mind/body level.

How far the mind reaches into the Universe to receive Universally Inspired information is dependent on consciousness. This gives consciousness an ability that makes the brain a translator. The brain translates Universally Inspired information into symbols we can understand. Although some symbols are Universal, most symbols we receive go through a translation process, which are transmitted through the senses. Universally Inspired information uses sensory perception as One, instead of 5 separate body senses. While we are asleep, these symbols come to us in the way of people, places, and things. Because we process information through brain thinking, we do not understand what dream symbols mean and tend to believe that many dreams do not mean anything. This is absolutely not the case. All dreams have sensory references. Dreams that frighten us are memories that are using a separate sensory perception. These memories relate to a guilty consciousness. All guilty consciousness makes an unnatural body condition defined as fear. Thus, the season that defines our world is full of symbolic brain translated information, made so we can define our reality.

Creating A Season of UnderstandingMiracles is reliant on undoing the unnatural condition of fear and replacing this unnatural condition with a natural condition. This can only be done by consciously willing to reach beyond mind/body brain memory into Universally Inspired memory.  Doing this will give new symbolic perceptual images to inner vision. The goal is to achieve Inner Vision that is in flow with Universally Inspired consciousness. This is done by learning to  pay attention to symbols.  By agreeing to use sensory perception as a means for inner symbolic interpretation, instead of brain memory to define external reason, whole new interpretations for reality will emerge.

This is obviously a whole new way of learning, and it will take time to learn how to use symbolic memories to „tune in“ to Universally Inspired eternal memory. This is the purpose of the Plan of One Wholeness Now, and also the purpose for A Season of UnderstandingMiracles. By exchanging the unnatural condition of fear, for a natural condition of UnderstandingMiracles, every symbol that our world uses to define it will receive a whole sensory interpretation. This interpretation will be peaceful, and helpful to everyone. Because whole sensory developed memory is used to define Universally Inspired dimensions, our world will evolve into a higher frequency of Light.

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