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Miracles are living educational tools, and are unlike any teaching tools we were taught to use for physical learning. Miracles are the means to reach the higher frequency defined by Pure Love. Because the Living Language of the Universe is Pure Love, learning to make use of miracles to communicate the Universal Language of Love for us is essential for our survival, as well as the survival of our world. Miracles use the vibrations of our words to help us communicate with a higher degree of integrity. When the words we speak are in alignment with miracles, they are honest and without malice. It is in this space that we experience miracles. Because of the implications of the meaning of the lessons miracles provide, it important to learn how to make consistent use them. In this we will learn the value of our OWN words, and how to use them to change our world.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When Love Isn't Enough

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If Love is the greatest force in the Universe, and Love gives us the capacity to heal all things, believe all things, trusts all things, hope all things, give all things, then why is it that love is still not enough? Could it be that love is lacking simply because we lack the faith necessary for Love to be all it claims to be? Don't we believe we have to do something to make Love work? And if we believe this, are we not attempting to change the purpose of Love into something it is not? In the end, if Love is not enough, then nothing is.

The problem with the belief that we have to do something for love to work is the unnerving possibility that we do not define Love, it defines us. When we attempt to define love, it disappoints, is angry, makes us wait, and gives us cause to reflect if the love we have, or is being given, is faulty. When love doesn't work, we wonder what we have done wrong, or we are quick to point out what someone else has done wrong. But real Love doesn't make mistakes; we do.

I am not talking about conditional physical love, I am talking about the unconditional Love that glues the Universe together. The fact is, we do not know what unconditional Love is because every physical love that we have ever been exposed to in the physical world comes with conditions.

Giving up the basic belief that we know what Love is never crosses our mind because we believe that if we did, we would lose what we believe we understand about love, and we might be wrong about the love we have given and received in our physical experience; and if we are wrong about Love, what else might we be wrong about?

From a intellectual standpoint, we are only capable of giving 10% of the Love we are capable of giving. However, from a conscious standpoint, we have the capacity to Love unconditionally 100%. However, we are not conscious of the innate ability to move beyond the body, past what we have learned what physical love is, to embrace the other 90% of unconditional Universal Love we all have the capacity for. This is something that frightens us, and we cannot have what we are afraid of.

Fear is the opposite of Love, which means it opposes the very foundation that defines and holds the whole Universe together. We are afraid to even admit that we are afraid of Love because unconsciously we believe that we will be struck dead by the very Power that preserves and protects the sanctity of all life.

It is external intellectual love that binds us to the belief that love isn't enough. It is a learned experience that taught us not to trust love because it was not safe. People do not define Love, Love defines people. When people misinterpret what love is for, and intellectually add what it should and shouldn't do to make us happy, we change the meaning of Love to what we believe will make us happy. The problem with this theory is that Love does not make anything; it creates reality. When the created attempt to redefine what has created them, this makes an unnatural condition called fear. Fear was made to redefine what was and is already perfect. It is not difficult to see that this way of thinking does not serve the individual, or the world we reside in.

It is time to begin to look at our relationships honestly. It is time to become aware of the time we exchanged the perfection of Love for an inferior belief that it was not enough to serve the purpose of the intellect.

When we exchanged the value of Perfect Love for an inferior interpretation, we attempted to change the value of the Universe. It did not work. It is time to take back the power in Perfect Love by allowing it to define our reality, and that of our world.

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